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Senator Camera Bartolotta Touts Bipartisanship & Hard Work During AM Beaver County Interview

“We need to work together. There’s too much on the line. There’s too much at stake to tuck yourself in your own little shell and say ‘I’m not going to cooperate with anyone who doesn’t say exactly what I say.'”

Those words, spoken by Pennsylvania State Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-46, Beaver/Washington/Greene), showcases her charge to change the partisan narratives that, in her mind, have plagued political dialogue in Harrisburg and Washington to the point where ‘politics’ has become “a dirty word”.

She spoke in a phone interview with A.M. Beaver County Host Matt Drzik on January 21 about her views on bipartisan politics in Harrisburg, as well as her thoughts on the improvement of Beaver County (including a surprise announcement at the end of the conversation), and what she’s accomplished and still hopes to accomplish before her time in the State Senate concludes.

To listen to the FULL interview, click on the player below!

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VIDEO: Changes & Improvements To Beaver Falls Discussed On A.M. Beaver County

Changes have come, and changes are still coming.

The city of Beaver Falls is going through a transition from old-school steel town to new-school small business haven, and some of the changes have already been seen (most notably involving traffic lights and parking spaces). But much more is yet to come as the town has several different new facilities coming to the area over the course of 2020.

A panel featuring 5 of Beaver Falls’ more notable and pursuing individuals joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to talk about the city’s improvements (names included with links):

The group also discussed the responses the public has had so far to the current changes, and the ways that these organizations can be supported & assisted with.

To watch the FULL interview, click on the Facebook feed below!

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Aliquippa Impact’s Joel Repic Joins Dr. Pete Birchler For People Purpose Planet

Aliquippa has received a lot of negativity in recent years from various sources, and one organization has been trying to make the effort to go against that and push for a more positive “Impact” on Aliquippa’s youth.

Thus begat Aliquippa Impact, whose director Joel Repic joined Dr. Pete Birchler from the Chiropractic Health Center in Chippewa and AM Beaver County host Matt Drzik for another edition of “People Purpose Planet”. Repic talked about the ideas of hope and positivity that the organization teaches its youth, the relationship and role the parents have in the organization, and how it plans to continue bringing light and opportunity to the youth in the city and surrounding areas over the course of the next several years.

To check out the full interview, click on the Facebook feed below!

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[VIDEO] From PTSD To Pets: Your CBD Store Provided The Answers On A.M. Beaver County

New year, new me…new supplements?

That was one of the questions answered by Joe Gradwell & Melanie Vaughn from Your CBD Store in Bridgewater and Sewickley during their January 8 appearance on A.M. Beaver County with Matt Drzik. The duo discussed plenty of different aspects of CBD, including (but not limited to):

  • How it helps treat anxiety
  • How it can be used for panic attacks
  • Which types are drug-free and drug test-friendly
  • If and how CBD can be given to pets & animals
  • The warnings of lesser oils and higher costs

To watch the full interview, click on the Facebook Live feed below!

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Rochester’s First Baptist Church Hosting 47th Live Nativity On 22nd & 23rd

Sometimes it comes with snow, and sometimes it comes with sun, but for the 47th year in a row First Baptist Church in Rochester will be presenting a Live Nativity for the public on December 22 & 23 from 6-8pm.

Reverend Phil Huggins of First Baptist joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to talk about the 2019 Live Nativity, including the history of the display, the volunteers necessary to create the event, the games and refreshments that will be provided, and the purposefulness of presenting the Nativity of The Lord in live form.

To hear the full interview, click on the player below!

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Santa Claus Stopped and refueled with Cocoa and Cookies at Al’s Corner

(Koppel, Pa.) Santa Claus the Jolly ole Elf was running low on fuel and he stopped by Al’s Corner in Koppel to refuel and have Cocoa and Cookies with the kids. Word spread throughout the area that Santa was in town and people came from all over the area to see him. Beaver County Radio’s Frank Sparks and Matt Drzik anchored a live broadcast from Al’s from 6-8 pm on 1230 WBVP, 1460 WMBA, and 99.3 FM. The famous Beaver County Radio Personality Prize, with a few modifications from Santa’s Elf’s also was on hand.

Everyone who attended Cocoa and Cookies with Santa had a really good time. There was free pizza, cookies, cocoa and drinks available for all to enjoy. Each and every child who sat on Santa’s lap received a gift from Santa and Al’s Corner. There was even something for the adults in the form of free food certificates, lottery tickets and Al’s Corner gear that the could win just by spinning the prize wheel . Everyone had such a good time including Santa. The time came for Santa to go and it you could hear him yell “MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL AND TO ALL A GOOD NIGHT”  as he headed back to the North Pole to finish Christmas preparations.

Check out the pictures below of all of the fun……..


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Joe & Melanie From Your CBD Store Return To A.M. Beaver County

With Christmas in full swing and people looking to give to their loved ones, some might be considering giving their loved ones CBD products for a present. But should they? And can it be given to just anyone?

These questions and more were answered and discussed as Joe Gradwell & Melanie Vaughan from Your CBD Stores in Bridgewater and Sewickley joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to discuss more about CBD, including the certain body parts needed to ingest certain products, the difference between it and pharmaceuticals, and why many local doctors tend to lean toward CBD instead of modern prescriptions.

To watch the full interview, click on the Facebook feed below!


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The Salvation Army joined Dr. Pete Birchler on “People, Purpose, Planet”

(Beaver Falls, Pa.) Major Evelyn Hopping and LT. Kimesha Marshall from the Beaver County Salvation Army joined Dr. Pete Birchler from the Chiropractic Health Center in Chippewa and host Frank Sparks for this months “People, Purpose , Planet” during A.M. Beaver County on Tuesday December 10, 2019.

The show started with Dr. Pete telling the listeners about the Chiropractic Health Center and the reason why he sponsors the show. Dr. Pete talked about how he always wanted to go on a mercy mission and that he thought we can’t we have a mission in Beaver County and highlight some of the many non-profits in the Beaver County Area. Dr. Pete also talked about how his office donates a portion of the new customers initial consultation to the non-profit that they are highlighting for the month.

Frank then discussed with Major Hopping and Lt. Marshall about the Beaver County Salvation Army and what their mission is.  The ladies discussed the Red Kettle campaign, Toys and Baskets for Christmas, and housing assistance to name a few of the programs. One the big services provided by the Salvation Army is the Food Bank in Beaver Falls and the Food Pantries at various locations through out the county.

Finally they talked about the need for donations and volunteers. If you would like to see the show as it streamed Live on Facebook press the play button below….

If you would like more information on the Chiropractic Health Center click on the logo below to be directed to their website:


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Santa Claus visits Candy-land at the 2019 Rochester Carol Sing and Light-up Night

(Rochester, Pa.) Santa Claus was the main attraction at the 2019 Rochester Carol Sing and Light-up Night on Sunday December 8, 2019. The third annual event got underway at 2:30 pm with the opening ceremonies being broadcast live on Beaver County Radio. the JR ROTC presented the colors as our National Anthem was then played. One of the event coordinators Ray Rotuna spoke with Beaver County Radio’s Frank Sparks during the broadcast and told the listeners the schedule of events for the  day that would all be topped off with with the ceremonial lighting of the lights to signify the 2019 Holiday Season. Some of the other events of the day was the reading of “Twas the Night Before Christmas”  with sound effects from students of the Rochester School District, Carol Singer with the Beaver Valley Choral Society and singing by the kindergartners of the Rochester School District.

Beaver County Radio’s Frank Sparks and Matt Drzik did a broadcast from 2:30 to 4:30 pm.  Frank and Matt also took a tour of Candy-land before Santa and Mrs. Claus arrived and sat on a special throne that was hand made for him to sit on while the children sat on his lap to tell Santa what they want for Christmas. You can see the video as it streamed live on the station Facebook page by pressing the play button below. ..

Check out all of the photos below of the fun of the 2019 Rochester Carol Sing and Light-up Night……


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The 3rd Annual Rochester Carol Sing & Light Up Night Is This Sunday (December 8)

Town by town, Beaver County is getting into the full swing of Christmas spirit, and through the help of the School District and the Beaver Valley Choral Society, Rochester takes its big step into the holiday snow on December 8.

The 3rd Annual Rochester Carol Sing & Light Up Night will take place at the Rochester Area High School on Sunday afternoon, and it is full of activities for kids and adults alike. Activities such as craft making, writing letters to the troops, the Beaver Valley Flute Choir, and the arrival of the “Big Man” himself at 3 PM! Beaver County Radio will also be there, as Frank Sparks and Matt Drzik will be spinnin’ the Personality Prize Wheel from 2:30 to 4:30, with your chance to win some great prizes for the holiday season.

Matt spoke with Rochester School Buildings Director Lou Campisi, BVCS President Lee Pfeifer, and BVCS conductor Ray Rotuna to talk about the Carol Sing & Light Up Night, including the charities and sponsors involved with the event, the Choral Society’s blend of spiritual and secular Christmas tunes, and the lights that will be lit up at the end of the evening’s festivities.

To listen back to the interview, click on the player below.

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