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Your CBD Store Explains CBD & What It Can Do For You On A.M. Beaver County

You’ve probably seen it popping up everywhere from gas stations to grocery stores. You might have seen a friend of yours start talking about the benefits of using it on their social media page.

But you still find yourself wondering…what is CBD?

Joe Gradwell, Melanie Vaughan, & Leigha Peters from Your CBD Store joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to answer questions about CBD, including what it is, how to use it, the health benefits of using CBD, and any concerns involving side effects and legality. Your CBD Store has locations in Bridgewater and Sewickley Township.

To listen back to the interview, click on the player below.

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Jim Skal of “Outdoor Immersion” Joins Dr. Pete Birchler For “People Purpose Planet”

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is go outside for a little while.

This is the message that Jim Skal, founder of Outdoor Immersion in South Heights, brought to his discussion with Dr. Pete Birchler from the Chiropractic Health Center in Chippewa for another edition of “People Purpose Planet” on A.M. Beaver County with Matt Drzik. Skal talked about what inspired him to start Outdoor Immersions, why its focus is on at-risk youth and veterans, and about what his program needs to continue growing and moving forward.

Outdoor Immersions will be hosting a 5K in Hookstown to commemorate Veterans Day on November 9. Details about the event can be found here.

To take a listen to the full interview, click on the Facebook Live feed below!

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Joseph Max Lewis Talks About World Polio Day On A.M. Beaver County

Though polio is still a grim disease alone in its utter existence, World Polio Day, celebrated on October 24 this year, leaves plenty of reason to celebrate.

Author/attorney/Rotarian Joseph Max Lewis came on A.M. Beaver County with Matt Drzik to talk about World Polio Day, and gave an extensive history on how the disease first was handled, and the incredible numbers that have polio on the verge of being eliminated from human existence. The conversation also talked about the different organizations that help in the funding to stop polio, and how the elimination of that disease could inspire the elimination of other disease.

For those interested in donating, go to endpolio.org/donate.

To listen to the full interview, click on the player below.

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New Brighton Halloween Parade was a ghostly event

(New Brighton, Pa.) The 2019 New Brighton Halloween was a fun and festive evening on third ave. in the borough. The parade route started at 16th street and worked its way to the New Brighton Borough Building. Frank Sparks and Matt Drzik did a pre-parade broadcst on Beaver County Radio.

Click the videos below to see a few of the high school bands that particpated in the parade:


The parade was also streamed live on the Bever County Radio Facebook Page. You can watch the video by clicking play below.

Check out all of the photos of the fun below:


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Ceremonial Ribbon Cutting Opens Koppel Bridge Up To The Public Again

(Matt Drzik/Beaver County Radio)

After several weeks of detouring citizens, hard construction labor, and millions of dollars spent, the Koppel Bridge was officially and ceremoniously opened back up to the public on Wednesday afternoon (October 23).

The new bridge, shown to the right of where the old bridge stood, fixes the issue of a downward curve that often flooded.

The bridge is part of Pennsylvania Route 351 that connects Koppel Borough with North Sewickley Township and all the way into Ellwood City. The old bridge was shut down officially in August due to travel concerns, forcing motorists to travel either through Wampum or Eastvale to cross the Beaver River.

Koppel Police Chief Matt Smock (in car) takes the first official drive over the new bridge.


Several local residents and dignitaries, including mayor Tom Vannoy, helped cut the ribbon that made Route 351 a complete route again. Koppel Police Chief Matthew Smock had the honors of driving his unit van across the bridge before anyone else, and he told Beaver County Radio that the bridge being back open is good news for his unit and neighboring police units:


The bridge was built by Brayman Construction in conjunction with PennDot.

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AUDIO: U.S. Census Job Recruiting In Full Swing

2020 isn’t too far away, and the piecing together of the decennial U.S. Census–including the hiring of those who will help out–is already underway.

Susan Licate of the U.S. Census Bureau joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to discuss the 2020 Census Nationwide Recruitment Campaign, including the benefits that come with participating, the importance of making sure everyone’s counted for, and the legal/economic ramifications for any part of the Census that doesn’t get counted.

To hear the full interview, click on the player below.

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“Neighborhood North: Museum Of Play” Is October’s Focus On People Purpose Planet

A recently installed facility in Beaver Falls is looking to push the idea of children’s education into a more fun, resource-based, hands-on category of learning that may not be as prevalent in traditional school settings. That facility is called Neighborhood North: Museum Of Play.

Neighborhood North executive director Christine Kroger sat down with Dr. Peter Birchler (host of “People Purpose Planet” and head doctor at The Chiropractic Health Center) and Matt Drzik (host of A.M. Beaver County) to talk about the origins of her work at the Carnegie Free Library, to how her vision for more children’s resources became a reality, and the plans to evolve the space within the city as well as the outreach across Western Pennsylvania.

The soon-to-be open location for the Neighborhood North facility is at the corner of 8th & 14th in Beaver Falls (the old SkyBank building). Inquiries to help the facility through fundraising or volunteer help can be directed to Christine here.

To watch the interview as it happened, click on the Facebook video below!

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Next Senior Day At The Mall Will Be On October 9

Safety and emergency will be on the focus of Beaver County seniors on October 9, as the Beaver County Office On Aging will host their semi-annual Senior Day At The Mall.

Angela Gentile and Erin Shannon from the BCOA joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to talk about Senior Day at The Mall, including the prescription drug takebacks, the information regarding Medicare, and what food and entertainment will be had and heard during Senior Day.

Beaver County Radio will be there as well from 10 until noon, as Frank Sparks and Zach Ulrich will have your chance at great prizes courtesy of the Personality Prize Wheel.

To listen to the full interview, click on the player below!

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Pastor Dave Grove Previews New Saturday Show On A.M. Beaver County

“Wake Up, Beaver Valley” is a new show that debuts on Saturday, October 5 on Beaver County Radio. Pastor Dave Grove from the Church of The Redeemed (services held at the Center At The Mall) is the host of the show, and it will focus on his evangelical views of the church and the world today.

A taste of that was presented on A.M. Beaver County on September 30, as Pastor Grove talked to Matt Drzik about his views on doctrines against the church, how the people have fallen away from the teachings of the cross, and what inspired him to go into the arena of talk radio.

To listen to the interview, click on the player below!


Editor’s Note: The host of the show mistakenly refers to the new show several times as “Wake Up Beaver County”. Hopefully this show host will not make such mistakes again.

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AUDIO: BCOA Apprise Program Helps Seniors With Medicare Open Enrollment

With the 2020 Medicare Open Enrollment season approaching, seniors might be wondering what they may need to do in order to apply for (or renew) their healthcare package.

Kathy Miller and Joanne McDermitt from the Beaver County Office On Aging joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to discuss the 2020 Medicare Open Enrollment program, as well as how the BCOA’s Apprise Program can help seniors with any questions they may have as far as healthcare or insurance for their current or future enrollment. Kathy & Joanne answered several questions in regards to Advanced Programs and the Apprise program during their time on A.M. Beaver County.

To listen to the interview, click on the player below!

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