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Pastor Rod Smith Talks About The Return Of Mountain Ministries To The Beaver County Airwaves

In a year full of bad news, it’s good to know that good news is coming back.

Pastor Rod Smith, leader of Mountain Ministries, announced on A.M. Beaver County with Matt Drzik that “Good News From The Mountain” will be returning to the Beaver County Radio Airwaves on December 2 at 6:30pm. The half hour will be a presentation of worship that can be heard locally or worldwide at beavercountyradio.com.

Not only did Pastor Rod make the announcement to Matt, but the two of them discussed the importance of having faith in this time of constant strife, and the difference between happiness and joy that many different people get confused with.

To listen to the full interview, click on the player below!

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Keystone Wellness Programs To Kick Off “Strengthening Families” In January

Not only are the holidays usually a time in which both parents and their children are extraordinarily busy, but the coronavirus pandemic has thrown another wrench into the ideologies of families spending time together.

That’s why Keystone Wellness Programs, headquartered in Evans City, is launching their “Strengthening Families” program in January 2021, where children ages 10-14 and their parents can come together to do activities through a virtual AND in-person series of gatherings.

Brianna Hewett and Kim Andrews of KWP joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to talk about the upcoming program, which is a free program upon registration. The pair spoke about the importance for kids and parents to spend time together, and the resources that can help them reach that goal.

For the full interview, click on the Facebook feed below!

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“Sharing The Bounty” Food Drive Takes Place November 21

2020 hasn’t been the best year for live music, but it has most definitely been a good year for charitable donations and supporting those in need.

The Beaver Valley Choral Society, in partnership with Rome Monument and Beaver County Radio, will be holding the “Sharing The Bounty” drive-through food drive on Saturday, November 21 from 10am-2pm to benefit the Family Matters Food Pantry in Monaca (formerly Faith Restorations). There will be three locations in which BVCS members will be collecting non-perishable food items:

  • Grace Lutheran Church
    393 Adams Street, Rochester
  • New Brighton United Methodist
    1033 6th Avenue, New Brighton
  • Chippewa United Methodist
    2545 Darlington Road, Beaver Falls

Beaver County Radio will be out at Grace Lutheran from 10 until noon on Saturday with a live broadcast. Matt Drzik, who will be there Saturday, spoke to BVCS members Lee Pfeifer (President), Ray Rotuna (Artistic Director), and Penny Chevront (Event Chairperson) about “Sharing The Bounty” on A.M. Beaver County. Joining them was Quina Price, the Pantry Manager for Family Matters, and the quartet discussed the meaning and messages that have allowed this event to happen, and the hopes that it will bring the county together amidst this chaotic holiday season.

To hear the full interview, click on the player below:

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Veterans & Seniors Gifted With Cheer And Bags At Beaver Valley Mall

Not even the morning rains could dissuade the seniors and veterans of Beaver County from showing up.

Presented by the Beaver County Office on Aging and the Center At The Mall, the Veterans’ Day event was one in which veterans and seniors could drive up and receive a complimentary bag full of treats, information, and other good stuff to take with them.

In all, 400 bags were distributed to those went through the drive-thru area between Boscov’s and Harbor Freight at the Beaver Valley Mall. Cars lined up to the point of double digits as the bags ran out just before lunchtime. Beaver County Radio showed up in the “new” station prize van, as did recently re-elected U.S. Congressman Conor Lamb.

To check out pictures from the event, take a look below!

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Eric Fontana & Wife Christina Dive Into “The Hidden Restaurant Gems Of Pittsburgh”

We’ve all asked the questions.

“Is the food any good?” “Is it a nice place?” “Where’s it at?” “How much is it gonna cost?”

Enter Eric Fontana and his wife Christina, who joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to answer those questions–or at least provide the source of the answer.

Eric, who is the founder of the Facebook page “Meat & Potatoes Of The Steel City”, spoke about his newest publication “The Hidden Restaurant Gems Of Pittsburgh”, a book that covers select local restaurants throughout Allegheny, Beaver, Butler, Lawrence, Washington, and Westmoreland counties.

He and Christina spoke about the inspiration behind the book, the reasoning behind the grading scale used for rating restaurants, and why certain restaurants were not in the book (spoiler: it won’t be his last book).

“The Hidden Restaurant Gems Of Pittsburgh” is available in hardcopy and e-book formats, and can be purchased by clicking here. To suggest your favorite restaurant to Eric and the crew, you can email him by clicking here.

To watch a clip from the interview, click on the Facebook Live feed below. Below that is the FULL interview (audio only).


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Drive-Thru Event For Veterans & Seniors Happening On November 11

This Veteran’s Day, local businesses are teaming up with the Center At The Mall, the Beaver County Office On Aging, and several other sponsors/participants to give back to veterans and seniors for the 2020 holiday season.

The Beaver Valley Mall will be hosting a drive-thru event for older veterans and seniors on November 11 from 10 AM to 12 Noon, in which participants can drive up and receive bags containing sweet treats and important information. Beaver County Radio will be broadcasting live during the event and will provide live updates during Teleforum.

Angela Gentile (BCOA) and Lori Kennedy (CATM) joined Matt Drzik on AM Beaver County to talk about the upcoming event, its similarities to October’s Senior Day at The Mall, and the importance of recognizing veterans during this rough stretch for some of them. The duo also updated listeners on the important outreach events and protocols that the Office On Aging and the Center At The Mall are providing during the holiday season.

Full details and a list of sponsors can be found here.

To hear the full interview with Lori and Angela, click on the player below!

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College During COVID: Geneva President Dr. Calvin Troup Discusses Changes On AM Beaver County

With the whirlwind coverage of the election in full swing, it might be easy to forget that the coronavirus pandemic is still going on, and still having major implications on millions of lives throughout the world–and in the case of Geneva College, several thousand students and their academic journeys.

Dr. Calvin Troup, who has been President of Geneva College since 2016, joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to discuss how the Beaver Falls college managed finishing up the 2020 Spring Semester, and how the faculty, staff, and students are maneuvering through the current 2020 Fall Semester amidst the COVID-19 pandemic and concurrent restrictions.

Dr. Troup acknowledged that the toll of the pandemic on a psychological basis has pushed for Geneva to increase health and counseling services since March, although he also says that the faith aspect of Geneva’s culture has not been shattered. Furthermore, Troup showcased that the current semester, even with modifications, has run smoothly and continues to provide the students with joy and purpose.

To hear the full interview with Dr. Troup and Mr. Drzik, click on the player below!

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World Polio Day: Joseph Max Lewis Talks About Eradicating The Disease Worldwide

It’s a battle that has lasted longer than most wars combined, and it’s a battle that is slowly–but hopefully–approaching its end.

World Polio Day, acknowledged every October 24 for many years, once again seeks to spread awareness of the disease in hopes that the last few areas dealing with polio will soon see it eradicated.

Joseph Max Lewis, a Rotarian in New Brighton, joined Matt Drzik to talk about the disease on A.M. Beaver County, including the discovery of the vaccine by Dr. Jonas Salk at the University of Pittsburgh in 1954, the citizen-led fight to make the vaccine available nationwide, and the events that led to polio being eradicated in the United States by 1979.

But Lewis also spoke of the countries worldwide that still are dealing with fighting off polio once and for all, and the everyday factors that have made the eradication a struggle.

For more info or to donate, go to endpolio.org/donate.

To hear the full interview about World Polio Day, click on the player below.

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AUDIO: October Is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

1 in 3.

That’s the number of women who will experience domestic violence in their lives. Even if you are not one of them, you probably know someone who is.

October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, and Ann Colella-Murray of the Women’s Center of Beaver County talked about it with Matt Drzik on the October 16 edition of A.M. Beaver County.

Colella-Murray spoke about the early signs of abuse or control between a victim of domestic violence and the perpetrator, and the results that may occur if not dealt with properly. She also spoke about what ways are proper to deal with a victim’s situation, and how the Women’s Center is providing help in those avenues.

The Women’s Center has a 24-hour help line that can be reached by dialing (724) 775-0131 or (877) 629-1841.

To hear the full interview with Ann and Matt, click on the player below.

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Special Segment To Air On “A.M. Beaver County” As Part of “National Domestic Violence Awareness Month”.

(Beaver County, PA) October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month and to help raise awareness, Beaver County Radio will air a special interview with Ann Colella Murray from the Women’s Center of Beaver County this Friday, October 16, from 8:40 to 9:00 A.M. 

Tune in as Ms. Colella-Murray discusses what resources are available at the Women’s Center to help combat domestic violence locally, and how special considerations and different services are being offered during the socially distanced, COVID world.   According to many national sources, raising awareness and educating people is often times the most effective weapon in fighting against an issue like domestic violence.  This radio program is a step toward creating a higher level of awareness and informing local Beaver County Residents about the issue, and how they can best react when a situation is presented.

Ann Colella-Murray from the Women’s Center of Beaver County. Beaver County Radio file photo.

Join “A.M. Beaver County” host, Matt Drzik, on Friday, October 16, 2020 from 8:40 to 9:00 A.M. for the interview with Ann Colella-Murray.  You can join the live radio program with your input or questions by calling 724-843-1888 or 724-774-1888.





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