These rules, unless otherwise specified, are applicable to all of St. Barnabas Broadcasting  Inc, doing business as 95.7 FM, 99.3 FM, 1230 WBVP 1460 WMBA, contesting. These guidelines can also be viewed at

1. No purchase necessary, no prize substitution. Prizes are non transferable and not negotiable. Prizes cannot be exchanged for cash.

2. Winners are responsible for all federal, state, and local taxes, if any.

3. Only one winner per household. Must be 18 years of age or older. All federal, state, and local laws apply. Winners and members of their households may not win any contests twice within a 30-day period. Some contests allow younger winners. Ask at the time of the contest if this is allowed.

4. Employees of WBVP–WMBA Radio, participating sponsors and paid advertisers and show hosts are not eligible to participate to win.

5. By participating, winners grant permission for their voice and telephone call to be recorded and rebroadcast for promotional use on WBVP-WMBA Radio, along with promotional use of photographs on station website and social media. Winners further agree to sign a hold harmless agreement and release agreement before receiving a prize.

6. WBVP-WMBA Radio limits the winning of major prizes to once every 6 months.

7. WBVP-WMBA Radio reserves the right to amend or change the above rules at anytime as well as end any contest anytime. All decisions of station management with regard to the awarding of prizes, the selection of winners and the interpretation of these rules shall be final. Each contestant by virtue of entering the contest agrees to accept the decision of the station as final.

8. WBVP-WMBA Radio is not responsible for technical failure including, but not limited to, reception, telecommunications equipment, internet access, and database storage or operator error.

9. DISCLAIMERS: All federal, state and/or local rules and regulations apply; void where prohibited by law; winners are responsible for any and all taxes associated with the acceptance of their prize. Winners accept all liabilities for use of prize. The above-named companies accept no liability or responsibility for damages, losses or injuries of any kind resulting from acceptance or use of any prize. Sponsors of contests reserve the right to contact all participants about additional offers. You may opt out of such offers at any time. Your personal information will not be shared or sold to any third party companies and will only be used by the station and sponsors.

Thank you for listening to Beaver County Radio, 1230 WBVP and 1460 WMBA


This notice contains the terms and conditions which apply to contest prizes offered by WBVP/WMBA. By accepting your prize from WBVP/WMBA, you are agreeing to receive your contest prize subject to the terms and conditions set below.

General Conditions
WBVP/WMBA expressly disclaims all responsibility and liability for all property

loss, property damage, bodily injury and death resulting, directly or indirectly,

from any contest prize, except damages, loss, injury or death caused by the willful

misconduct or gross negligence of WBVP/WMBA.

You shall be responsible for all federal, state and local taxes which may arise by reason of your receipt, acceptance or use of the contest prize.

This offer is VOID if you reside in a jurisdiction which prohibits promotions of this kind.

Your federal, state or local government may impose additional conditions on your acceptance of this prize.

By accepting your prize you affirm that you are neither an employee of WBVP/WMBA nor a member of the immediate family of any employee of WBVP/WMBA. You further agree to allow WBVP/WMBA to use your name, voice or likeness on the air and in any publicity information.

Your prize may carry deadline and/or certain restrictions based upon age, availability and calendar restrictions.

Conditions Applicable to Property Prizes
By accepting your property prize, you understand and acknowledge that WBVP/WMBA is not a manufacturer or dealer in the real or personal property offered to you, and therefore is not in a position to monitor, control or evaluate the quality, fitness or any other characteristics of the contest prize.

WBVP/WMBA makes no warranties or representations, express or implied, with respect to any contest prizes, and they are offered for your acceptance in “as is” condition.

Conditions Applicable to Travel Arrangements

WBVP/WMBA expressly disclaims all responsibility and liability for losses, inconvenience and other damage you may suffer resulting from the cancellation, postponement or modification of reservations or other travel arrangements.

WBVP/WMBA makes no representations and no employee or representative of WBVP/WMBA is authorized to make any statement or representation regarding the safety, likelihood of accident, casualty of any other condition which may be encountered on your trip.

Trips are non-transferable, unless specified otherwise.

If you agree to accept your prize subject to the terms and conditions set forth above, please sign on the line provided.



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