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” Immediate Openings to be a part of our High School Broadcasts”

Beaver County Radio is starting its 75th year of broadcasting live local high school sports and right now is your chance to join the team as a Show Producer – Board Operator

Person(s) hired in as Show Producer – Board Operator perform a very important function at WBVP-WMBA. The Show Producer – Board Operator is an entry level position in the radio industry, and is how most big name talent got their start. The Show Producer – Board Operator is responsible for doing the behind the scenes work associated with live remote broadcasts, such as high school sports broadcasts. A typical work shift would include working with audio and phone equipment to set up and monitor the live feed coming into the radio station from an external location. The Show Producer – Board Operator will continue to perform duties throughout the broadcast like controlling and adjusting audio levels, monitoring video feeds, coordinating commercial breaks with the broadcast automation system, keeping
track of scores from other games and communicating with the announcers out at the stadium, or wherever they are broadcasting from.
Most of the time, the Show Producer – Board Operator will work at the Beaver County Radio studios, but duties may also include assisting on site with a broadcast or appearance. This may include setting up sound equipment, driving station vehicle, loading and unloading station vehicle, operating video cameras, running video streaming software, setting up a canopy, prize wheel setup and operation and interacting with the public, among other activities.
As the Show Producer – Board Operator gains experience, training opportunities to begin to do voice over work and possible radio show fill-in opportunities could become available.

If you are interested in a position with Beaver County Radio Can send an e-mail to fsparks@beavercountyradio.com or you can go online to https://stbarnabashealthsystem.com/careers/ or send us a message with your interest on our Facebook Page at https://www.facebook.com/beavercountyradio

We also need Help!  Big success  in new digital media platforms has lead to needing more people like you . . .

Last year, beavercountyradio.com hit a milestone by reaching over 100,000 people in a month. Recently, WBVP, WMBA and 99,3 F.M. unveiled multi camera live high school football radio and video stream simulcasts that have been a huge success! Where we go in the future might depend on you! Opportunities are available now for highly skilled, online digital development and traditional radio sales experts. Respond to jobs@beavercountyradio.com.

Recent examples of Beaver County Radio new media outreach that you could be involved with:

Highlights from the Laurel at New Brighton high school football game live audio and video simulcast on 10/9/20:


Did you know . . . 

  1. Over forty former WBVP and WMBA employees have gone on to work in major radio and television markets. Several of which have served, or are serving as company executives or market managers!
  2. A Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor, two PA State Representatives, a County Commissioner, several town Mayors, Councilmen, School Board Members and other political leaders, along with at least two Pastors over the years, started their careers at WBVP and WMBA!
  3. A long term healthcare company CEO, that currently oversees  hundreds of employees, started at WBVP and WMBA years ago!
  4. Two major college football broadcast networks are operated by WBVP and WMBA alumni!
  5. At least six employees have gone on to own their own radio and television stations after learning the craft at WBVP and WMBA!
  6. Five members of the Beaver County Sports Hall of Fame were, or are currently part of the sports announcing staff at WBVP and WMBA!
  7. Ten members of the NFL Pro Football Hall of Fame were first heard about on the airwaves during their high school years on WBVP and WMBA!

Where could you go if you joined our team?

E mail your resume now: jobs@beavercountyradio.comCopy and paste the email address into the message composition field of  your e mail provider if it doesn’t automatically open up.

WBVP and WMBA are always looking to recruit talented, motivated, creative people whether there are job openings or not.  If that is you, get in touch with us today!

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WBVP and WMBA are an equal opportunity employer.

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