Biden Expected To Announce He’s Running For President Next Week

WASHINGTON (AP) — Former Vice President Joe Biden is expected to announce he’s running for president next week. That’s according to three people with knowledge of Biden’s plans. Biden will enter the race as a Democratic front-runner, although the 76-year-old faces questions about his age and whether his more moderate record fits with a party that has become more liberal. The announcement is expected as early as Wednesday and would cap months of deliberation over his political future.

Was President Trump’s Presidency Saved By His Onetime Counsel?

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump and his onetime counsel Don McGahn are not particularly close. In fact, McGahn was barely on speaking terms with Trump when he left the White House last fall. But special counsel Robert Mueller’s report reveals the president may owe his former top lawyer a debt of gratitude. The former White House Counsel’s persistent efforts to run interference on the president’s raging demands may have helped save Trump’s presidency _ largely from Trump himself.

Subpoena Issued Today For Special Counsel’s Robert Mueller’s Report

WASHINGTON (AP) — The chairman of the House Judiciary Committee issued a subpoena Friday for special counsel’s Robert Mueller’s report as Congress escalates its investigation of President Donald Trump. Rep. Jerrold Nadler says it now falls to Congress “to determine the full scope of that alleged misconduct and to decide what steps we must take going forward.” Nadler expects the Justice Department to comply by May 1.

Beaver County Career And Technology Center Visit

The Beaver County Radio News Correspondent Sandy Giordano recently visited the Beaver County Career and Technology Center and filed this report…

Listeria Outbreak Linked To Deli Meat, Cheeses Kill One

Health officials are warning people about a listeria outbreak that has left one person dead and hospitalized at least eight people across the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said listeria infections have been reported in New Jersey, Michigan, New York…and right here in Pennsylvania. The CDC said people who fell ill ate different types of deli products, including meats and cheeses. Listeria has been identified in samples taken from several stores. Officials haven’t named the company that supplied the deli products involved. Listeria infection symptoms include muscle aches, diarrhea, fever, headache, confusion and convulsions.
It can be treated with antibiotics, but is of special concern to pregnant women since it can cause miscarriage or stillbirth. Senior citizens and those with weak immune systems are also at risk.

Kidnapping At The Car Wash In Penn Hills

Authorities say two assailants kidnapped a man from an Allegheny County car wash, then released him when they realized they had the wrong guy. Penn Hills police say the men accused the victim of being someone he wasn’t, and didn’t believe him at first when he told them they were mistaken. The assailants allegedly bound the man with zip ties and drove off with him. The Tribune-Review reports he was eventually let out of the vehicle unharmed, but his cellphone was taken.

Attorney General William Barr Says Version Of Mueller Report With Fewer Redactions To Be Made Available To Small Group Of Lawmakers

WASHINGTON (AP) — Attorney General William Barr says a version of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report with fewer redactions will be made available to a small group of lawmakers. In a letter to Congress on Thursday, Barr says the second version of the report would be given to the “Gang of Eight,” the top-ranking House and Senate lawmakers from both parties who can view sensitive classified information. Democrats want the full report released.