VIDEO: Humane Society Is February’s Subject For “People Purpose Planet”

Once a month, Dr. Pete Birchler & The Chiropractic Health Center in Chippewa join Beaver County Radio for a segment of “People Purpose Planet”, a show that focuses on the non-profit organizations that provide exemplary service to Beaver County.

For February, Dr. Birchler chose the Beaver County Humane Society, and joining him and Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County was their Sponsorship/Social Media Director (and former Teleforum host) Mike Romigh. The conversation centered around the service that the Humane Society has been doing from holding various fundraisers to rescuing abused animals.

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John Putzier Talks About The 2019 Pittsburgh International Auto Show

For some, February means time for romance and chocolates. For others, it means a month of cars…whether it’s the start of the NASCAR season or the annual Pittsburgh International Auto Show.

The 2019 edition of the Auto Show is the 75th Anniversary edition, and John Putzier (CEO of Greater Pittsburgh Auto Dealers) called into A.M. Beaver County to talk about it with Matt Drzik. He spoke about how this year’s “Dancing With The Cars” falls on Valentine’s Day, the different kinds of exotic sports cars that will be on display, and how those looking to go could get in (including an announcement about a potential fee waiving for government workers; listen below for details).

For more information about the 2019 Pittsburgh International Auto Show, check out Stay tuned to Beaver County Radio and our Facebook page for YOUR chance to snag tickets to this year’s show!

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Beaver County Groups Plan Memorial Flower Garden In Flag Plaza

The loss of a loved one is a devastating moment in any person’s life, but the choice to turn such devastation into a positive moment for the community they live in is a bouquet of light to vanquish darkness.

Such is the case with Lisa Lathom, a Patterson Township resident and member of Leadership Beaver County who has teamed up with the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce and The Compassionate Friends to help put together a memorial flower garden and “butterfly wall” for lost loved ones to be located in Flag Plaza in Rochester. Lathom lost her to-be child in 2018, and is using this memorial as a place where parents who have lost their children can place a flower or butterfly in their honor.

Lathom spoke about this on A.M. Beaver County with Matt Drzik, and she was joined by Sharon Kovach (Chapter Leader of The Compassionate Friends) and Emily Konecheck (also from Leadership Beaver County & the BC Chamber of Commerce) who spoke about their organizations’ roles in helping put together the flower garden & butterfly wall. They also talked about their own organizations and how County residents can take part and be part of these groups.

As you will hear in the interview below, the memorial is NOT a done deal. The groups are still looking to raise $1,000 for the garden and wall (which have already been approved by the Rochester Borough), and they look to start the physical aspect of the project this spring. Contact information is below.

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From Left To Right: Matt Drzik, Emily Konecheck, Sharon Kovach, Lisa Lathom

Lisa Lathom: (724) 307-5472

Sharon Kovach/The Compassionate Friends:

Emily Konecheck/Leadership Beaver County:

BCTA Riders Show Their Displeasure Towards Proposed Changes

(Matt Drzik/Beaver County Radio)

When Commissioner Chairman Dan Camp spoke of the fervent backlash he received from Beaver County citizens about the proposed changes by the Beaver County Transit Authority, it turns out he wasn’t exaggerating.

Dozens of County residents arrived at the BCTA headquarters on West Washington Street in Rochester on Monday night to hear in detail about the changes that are being proposed, but have not yet been put into action, by the Transit Authority. General Manager Mary Jo Morandini was the head speaker for the meeting, and she described the new plans-to-be for the routes in current use.

One of these proposed changes is on Route 11, in which the Drug & Alcohol stop will be removed and replaced with a stop at the Beaver Valley Mall, as explained by GM Morandini:

BCTA General Manager Mary Jo Morandini came under intense scrutiny from riders in attendance.

Among other proposed changes include the removal of the 6:20 and 6:45 trips on Route 3 in lieu of one 6:30 trip, and having the last Route 1 bus out of Pittsburgh leaving at 7:00pm instead of 8:00 where it currently stands.

The backlash towards the new proposals, and even Morandini herself, came early and often throughout the rest of the evening. A variety of responses came out in regards to the issues it would cause, including one who was wondering how he could leave his job in Pittsburgh if the 8:00pm bus on Route 1 was cut…


…another who felt the Drug & Alcohol stop is a populous one that needed to stay…


…and one woman who felt that the BCTA was convenient enough as it was and that the changes would be potentially inconvenient:


Others chose to heave their backlash onto Morandini, whose lack of dependency on using the BCTA buses and business-first attitude were called out on the carpet:


Those with further complaints to the BCTA can submit them up until 3:00pm on February 19th. The changes, if passed will go into effect sometime during Spring of this year.

The 2019 McGuire Memorial Car Raffle & Auction Is Approaching!

For the 29th year this year, McGuire Memorial will be holding their annual car raffle for the McGuire Memorial Foundation. The event will be on March 2 at The Fairmont in downtown Pittsburgh at 5:00pm.

Foundation Executive Director Dawn Woodfill joined Matt Drzik in studio and McGuire CEO/President Sister Thaddeus called in to talk about this year’s Car Raffle on A.M. Beaver County. The two ladies talked about the reason behind going from one car to three this year (there is still only one winner and one car), and where the proceeds are going to (including the future McGuire facility in Ellwood City).

For more information on this year’s raffle, go to

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Cindy Baldrige Talks National Catholic Schools Week On AMBC

The week of January 27 to February 2 is National Catholic Schools Week in America, and Beaver County is home to several different educational institutions that follow the Catholic faith.

Cindy Baldrige has served in Catholic education for over four decades, including the last 8 as principal for Sts. Peter & Paul in Beaver. In a brief interview with Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County, Baldrige talked about the keys to sustaining success in Catholic education, as well as an update on Our Lady of Fatima (where she spent last year as their principal but has since been replaced).

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Brad Diamond, Principal Of St. Monica Academy, Talks National Catholic Schools Week

The week of January 27 to February 2 is National Catholic Schools Week in America, and Beaver County is home to several different educational institutions that follow the Catholic faith.

Brad Diamond is the principal of St. Monica Catholic Academy in Beaver Falls (formerly Divine Mercy), and he joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County on January 28 to discuss National Catholic Schools Week. In the discussion, Diamond spoke about the rising enrollment at the Academy, the infusion of faith into academics, and dealing with the students’ futures past 8th grade.

Interviews during National Catholic Schools Week are brought to you by Fischer’s Beaver Falls Save-A-Lot, Fischer’s New Brighton Foodland, Fischer’s Beverage, the Beaver Valley Auto Mall, Rome Inspirations, and Beaver County Radio.

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“People Purpose Planet” Puts Spotlight On Coalition For Christian Outreach

The good work of non-profit organizations continues to be recognized moving into 2019, as Dr. Pete Birchler from the Chiropractic Health Center in Chippewa presented January’s edition of “People Purpose Planet” on A.M Beaver County with Matt Drzik.

This month focuses on the Coalition For Christian Outreach, a national organization that helps college students learn a faith-based, hands-on approach to life in the “real world”; one that takes the focus away from the typical book-based academia most colleges teach. Geneva College graduate (and former Beaver County Radio intern) Caleb Musselman is the CCO leader for the Beaver Falls college, and he spoke about the purpose behind the CCO and the activities/events that promote its practices.

One of these events is the upcoming Jubilee conference in Pittsburgh in late February, an event in which Dr. Birchler is helping by donating proceeds to the CCO and Geneva College for students to go to the event. (See video for further details.)

If you missed this morning’s talk with Caleb, Pete, and Matt, check out the Facebook Live feed from earlier below!

Bevy Of Subjects Surface During Final Work Session Of 2018

A larger-than-usual crowd descended upon the Commissioners’ weekly work session on December 19, the final session of the calendar year of 2018.

The county was one day removed from learning that the repeal request toward property value reassessment was denied. Now the county has a 30-day window in order to appeal once more or go ahead with the first reassessment in over three decades, so says County Solicitor Garen Fedeles:


Both Fedeles and Commissioner Sandie Egley confirmed that the reassessment would be discussed during the executive session.

Meanwhile, District Attorney David Lozier talked about the push for a new joint operation with the Federal Government in order to create a Federal Drug Task Force:


The Commissioners’ final meeting for 2018 will be the public meeting on Thursday,  December 27. The office will be closed on December 25 & 26.

“Presents For Patients” Now In Its 35th Year

At this time of year, and at a certain point in most of our lives, the Christmas season becomes less about expecting gifts and more about expecting to be the giver of cheer.

St. Barnabas Health System & St. Barnabas Charities have done their part over the last 35 years, as “Presents For Patients” continues to provide those in care with gifts this time of year. Charities Director Shelli Sommariva talked with Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County regarding this year’s drive, including instructions on how to help and what to get.

To contact St. Barnabas Charities regarding Presents For Patients, you can phone them at (724) 625-3770 or visit them online at

To hear the full interview between Matt & Shelli, click on the players below!

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