Chris Shovlin Talks About Robert Morris Moving To The Horizon League

Chris Shovlin has been calling men’s basketball games at Robert Morris University since 1987, a 34-season run that saw RMU play every year in the Northeaster Conference (formerly the ECAC Metro).

In 2020-21, Shovlin will be traveling to new places and new colleges, as he’ll be calling games in the Horizon League…with the Colonials, of course.

The announcement that Robert Morris would head to the Horizon League was the topic of conversation on Wednesday morning as the “Voice Of The Colonials” joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to talk about the move, explaining how the basketball team was a main caveat in seeing Robert Morris moving up to the next level.

Shovlin, who himself worked at Beaver County Radio from 1976-1992, also talked about the cloudy nature of the NCAA’s future with the pandemic still an issue, and the overall jump of RMU’s progress over the last few years.

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Faith Restorations Food Pantry Spotlight Of “People Purpose Planet” For June 2020

The coronavirus pandemic may slowly be eradicating from the social conscience, but the fight against hunger continues to be an issue for citizens in Beaver County, as well as the world as a whole.

In that mind, Dr. Peter Birchler from the Chiropractic Health Center in Chippewa and A.M. Beaver County host Matt Drzik welcomed Quina Price from Faith Restorations to the St. Barnabas Studios for the June 2020 edition of People Purpose Planet. Faith Restorations, located in Monaca, has been recognized recently for their food drives during the pandemic that have provided 3,000 meals a month.

Quina talked about the origins of Faith Restorations, its association with the local Food Banks in the area, their dedications to serve veterans in Beaver County, and the faith-in-action philosophy that drives their daily operations.

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BF City Manager Charles Jones Talks About His Thoughts On Police Officers & Protests

“I’m very angry as an African-American. I’m equally angry as a former law enforcement officer.”

Those were the words of Beaver Falls City Manager Charles Jones, who joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to discuss his thoughts on the death of George Floyd, whose death has sparked nearly two weeks of protests and even riots across America, and including those in Beaver Falls which Jones also provided insight into.

Jones, who has had 30+ years as a member of law enforcement, shared his views in regards to proper police protocol, the idea that “snitch culture” is an absurdity in the officer ranks as it is in citizen culture, and the way he believes the system between police and citizen can be repaired.

Jones also talked with Drzik about the recent demonstration that took place in Beaver Falls on May 31, commending the organizers for creating a peaceful protest and cooperating with city police to do so, and also providing insight to the protest that is to take place at Lt. Calvin Smith Park (“Cannon Park”) on June 6. He emphasized that all are welcome as long as they remain peaceful and lawful.

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Beaver Falls To Honor Class Of 2020 With Graduation Cruise On June 4

The kids on the other side of the bridge will be receiving their diplomas, too.

As is the case with the New Brighton School District, the graduates of the Class of 2020 at Big Beaver Falls Area High School will be receiving their diplomas in a graduation “cruise” ceremony beginning at 7PM, and it will be broadcast live on Beaver County Radio and streamed on Facebook Live.

Tiger grad Matt Drzik (2010) was joined in studio by BBFASD Superintendent Dr. Donna Nugent, High School Principal Doug Rowe, Special Education Counselor Mary Beth Leeman, and High School Band Director Len Cersosimo to discuss the changes and similarities between past ceremonies and this year’s cruise-style ceremony. They also talked about the emotions of students and faculty over the course of the past few months leading up to this, and the details of the subsequent parade to follow the broadcast ceremony.

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New Brighton To Honor Class Of 2020 With Graduation “Cruise” On June 3

With the pandemic providing uncertainty to most aspects of life, many high school graduates were left wondering if there was to be any closure to their grade school careers.

Well for the New Brighton Class of 2020, such a finale is going to happen.

The New Brighton Area School District, in conjunction with Beaver County Radio, will be hosting an outdoor graduation “cruise” in the high school main parking lot beginning at 6:00pm on June 3. The ceremony, while somewhat unorthodox and unprecedented, looks to stay true to the traditional format of awarding these young men and women their diplomas.

New Brighton Superintendent Dr. Joe Guarino & HS Principal Ryan Yates joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to preview the festivities, which will be broadcast on Beaver County Radio at 6:00pm, on the dial, app, and at The ceremony will also be streamed live on the Beaver County Radio Facebook page.

Dr. Guarino and Prinicpal Yates also talked about the format of the proceedings, the emotions that the students and faculty have been feeling during the pandemic, the possibilities for the 2020-21 school year, and the parade celebration following the graduation ceremony on Wedensday.

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Dr. Pete Birchler Talks About Helping Local Food Banks On “People Purpose Planet”

The current pandemic has a lot of people left wondering who will have food at their table, and how such food can get there if people aren’t able to afford it.

With that in mind, Dr. Peter Birchler of the Chiropractic Health Center in Chippewa spoke with Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to discuss helping out food banks in Beaver County and the surrounding areas, highlighting specifically the Salvation Army Food Bank in Beaver Falls and Faith Restorations in Monaca.

Dr. Birchler discussed with Matt about the need and responsibility to participate and give at this time, the proper foods that should be considered for donation or consumption, and the role faith plays in not just supporting the food banks during the pandemic…but also its role in dealing with the situation overall.

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Ann Colella-Murray Of The Women’s Center Of BC Talks About National Sexual Abuse Month

Sexual abuse comes in many forms, and it exists as a major problem in the United States to this day. So how can someone remove themselves from such people and situations?

The topic, in lieu of National Sexual Abuse Month, was discussed between Ann Colella-Murray of the Women’s Center of Beaver County and Matt Drzik on the April 23 edition of A.M. Beaver County. The two discussed the different definitions and classifications of sexual abuse, the effects that the current pandemic has caused for both the issue at large AND the Women’s Center, and how the Women’s Center provides 24-hour help to talk to those struggling with abuse, as well as providing them with proper shelter and guidance through their transition.

The Women’s Center of Beaver County can be reached by calling 724-775-2032 and more information can be found at

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Aaron Bernstine Talks About Reopening Businesses Safely In Pennsylvania

The desire for normalcy grows ever higher during the coronavirus pandemic, but the demand for safe measures remains strident. So as nature would have it, a compromise is presented to legislators in order to gain back one aspect of pre-pandemic ways without having to sacrifice any precautions.

PA District 10 State Representative Aaron Bernstine spoke about such a compromise with Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County, where he brought up Senate Bill 613, a bill that would help phase in the re-opening of local businesses in Pennsylvania under CDC guidelines. Bernstine talked about his views on Bill 613, his acknowledgement of the civility he and his colleagues share, and the struggles of mixing life at home and life in Harrisburg during the pandemic.

Rep. Bernstine spoke to Drzik hours before he was set to appear at an anti-shutdown rally in the state’s capital. Stay tuned to Beaver County Radio for more updates.

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Dr. Pete Birchler Gives Advice On How To Stay Naturally Healthy & Stress-Free During The Pandemic

The current pandemic has made things plenty different in the way we live our lives, but how do we live our most healthful and stress-free life in times of darkness?

Dr. Peter Birchler of the Chiropractic Health Center in Chippewa spoke about this concern on A.M. Beaver County with Matt Drzik, and gave a few tips on how to stay healthy naturally during the COVID-19 outbreak. Some of these tips include:

  • The purpose of obtaining Vitamin D, and when/how to consume it properly
  • The physiological aspects of chiropractic practice that go beyond treating traditional pain
  • The ways that juicing fruits and vegetables can create a proper diet

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An April Without Hockey: Phil Bourque Talks With Matt Drzik About NHL’s Pause In Action

Not since the influenza epidemic of 1919 has the NHL seen a shutdown such as this, and back then they only had to cancel the Stanley Cup Finals, then deadlocked between Seattle and Montreal. 101 years later, and the fates of the majority of teams still linger in the balance.

But more so than just a season in limbo; life itself for players, broadcasters, and fans alike is completely different. How does one deal with such a pandemic, and how does the NHL reconcile its season yet to be complete?

Penguins broadcaster and two-time Stanley Cup Champion player Phil Bourque spoke about these issues in an interview on A.M. Beaver County with Matt Drzik on April 2, three weeks after the NHL halted the 2019-20 season due to the coronavirus. Bourque spoke about the struggles to maintain the usual daily routine stripped from everyone involved with the team, and how the NHL should handle its remaining schedule if it decides to resume the season.

Bourque also talked about the major differences between the culture of today’s league and the culture during his time of playing, and how the nature of social media and expanded branding has polished player identities and created (in his opinion) a better product for the NHL.

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