“Baby Bello” To Become Hub For Events & Small Gatherings In Beaver Falls

(Matt Drzik/Beaver County Radio)

“Our hope is that it won’t just be these kind of five activities, but that those will be really dynamic and fluid as the time and as the people in the community change.”

Renee Suhr spoke to Matt Drzik about the establishment of the “Baby Bello” in Beaver Falls, located at the site of the old PNC Bank. The Baby Bello is a spin-off of the “Portobello” building that is set to be built next to Oram’s Donuts along 7th Avenue, and both buildings will be used as gathering spaces to hold regular or one-time events.

Suhr hopes that the Baby Bello can act as “how a town square would have functioned like in an old city in Europe, where you have maybe a small market, people coming to meet up and exchange goods and services…that’s where decisions get made, because you’re standing in line waiting for the same thing.” She also expects the Portobello to do the same thing, with additional amenities including an indoor restaurant.

For now, Suhr will have a section of the space open for public events and gatherings, and another section dedicated to the relocation of her primary business, Stray Cat Studio. The website for Stray Cat Studio is where those interested about the Baby Bello can find out all the information, as well as their social media outlets such as Facebook.

To listen to the full interview with Renee, hit the play button below!

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