Unanimous Approvals Across The Board At New Brighton School Board Meeting

(Matt Drzik/Beaver County Radio)

Two weeks after acknowledging several voting items for the next time it met, the New Brighton School Board unanimously approved all of the items from the September 12 meeting–along with additional items brought forth.

Among those additional items was the authorization for Solicitor Richard Start to file a Declaratory Judgement Action on behalf of the New Brighton Area School District for any of its properties in Pulaski Township would be declared exempt from Stormwater Management Fees being imposed by the township, since the items owned by the NBASD are being used for educational purposes. The NBASD is also seeking a permanent injunction to Pulaski Township to refund all previous fees paid and to stop any further collection.

The New Brighton varsity baseball team had their trip to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina unanimously approved by the school board; the trip to the Ripken Baseball Center will take place from March 16-20 of 2023 and will be paid for by the students and additional fundraising. Robert Zahn was also approved to be a volunteer member of the varsity baseball staff, pending clearances.

Also approved–pending clearances–were the hiring of four individuals for New Brighton’s upcoming musical for the 2022-23 school year. Gina DeMarco (Drama), Racheal Cattivera (Choreography), Kevin Newton (Orchestra) and Albert Astala (Set) will all be paid by stipend, and the school administration will decide how the positions will be operated.

No public comments were received by the school board.