New Buy Local Initiative. The Beaver County Chamber of Commerce President’s Message – May 2021.

The Beaver County Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce an exciting new initiative to help support our local business community even more, with the launch of the Beaver County Rooted Locally e-Gift Card program.

Keeping Dollars Local: “Now more than ever, the objective is to keep spending local, and ramp-up our continued support of the Beaver County business community” says Helen Kissick, President of the Chamber. “Encouraging our community to shop local has been an ongoing theme, but even more so, especially in the wake of COVID-19. While local businesses work hard to reopen safely, many of us are wondering what we can do to help. The Beaver County Rooted Locally e-Gift Card makes it easy for ALL of us to play a role in boosting our local economy and strengthening our business community.” How it Works: All Gift Card purchases and business enrollments will be processed through the Beaver County Chamber of Commerce website. Business Enrollment-it is easy to participate. Exclusive to Beaver County businesses only, participation is perfect for restaurants, sports & fitness gyms, retailers, hair salons & spas, florists & garden centers, car washes, hotels, service providers plus more! No specialequipment or software is required; if a business accepts Mastercard payments, then it can accept the Beaver County Rooted Locally e-gift cards. There is a nominal enrollment fee for a 12-month long listing, and an Early Bird Enrollment Discount will be offered through June 30, 2021.

Helen Kissick, President of The Beaver County Chamber of Commerce.

Gift Card Purchase: As we head into May, think about all of the gift giving opportunities that come in the form of graduations, teachers’ appreciation, Father’s Day, July 4th and so on. Imagine giving gifts that are guaranteed to support your neighbors here in Beaver County, rather than supporting businesses elsewhere in the world. The card appears on the recipient’s smart phone, and they are occasionally reminded to redeem the gift card at participating businesses through alerts. No more forgotten gift cards sitting at home. Completely contactless (a real plus during Covid), an online purchase can be made from the comfort of one’s home. There are a variety of denomination selections starting at $5 and up to $250.00. The purchase of the Gift Card is face value, plus a processing fee. Gift Card Recipient: The recipient will receive an email or text letting them know that the purchaser has sent them a Beaver County Rooted Locally e-Gift Card. A personal message from the purchaser is seen by the recipient. The recipient is directed to a list of participating merchants, retailers and restaurants that accept the Beaver County Rooted Locally e-Gift. The purchaser receives notifications when the e-Card is delivered, opened and redeemed. Sponsorship Opportunities: Our Chamber is actively seeking partners who will be prominently featured as we roll out and market the program. This is a terrific opportunity to be an integral catalyst for standing together to support our neighbors and local businesses. This program will support those who need it most and help keep LOCAL dollars LOCAL. Thanks to our Community Partners! This program was made possible through a sponteneous, collaborative group effort. Working together since last year to launch the Beaver County Rooted Locally marketing campaign, this will now include this exciting gift card option. Our sincere thanks to our friends at Beaver County Tourism, Beaver County PUSH, Paramount Pursuits, Minuteman Press, Brkich Design Group and Beaver County Council of Governments. Together, we make Beaver County strong!

Show your support and purchase a Gift Card, or enroll your business.  For more information, contact the Chamber office. Call 724-775-3944 or email

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