Beaver County Chamber of Commerce President’s Message For October 2020. By Helen Kissick.

October 2020 President’s Message
Together, we enter the last two months of a tumultuous year called 2020. Taking a moment to reflect, and getting ready for the winter months ahead, we have learned quite a bit about how the county’s businesses survive and thrive. Recall earlier this year we said we needed to:
1. Know where all of our small retailers and service providers were located;
2. Prepare and support those businesses to effectively market and sell locally under pandemic restrictions; and Find ways to encourage consumers to shop locally.
So we are thrilled to report status on all three fronts, with good progress made collaboratively thus far, and yet much ground left to cover, which we intend to do WITH YOUR HELP!
  • We now have a working database of Beaver County based businesses, so we can find them and build upon the
    foundation. Click the link HERE to access the database, see if you find your favorite store/service provider, sort by
    category, and discover all that is right here in Beaver County!
  • This month, we are rolling out a marketing campaign called ‘Rooted Locally’, poised to assist businesses to promote themselves and their neighboring businesses, all essentially free of charge to access. YES – FREE OF
    CHARGE to businesses in Beaver County, and with access to printing and development resources if so desired. You’re going to love the tools that are included in this campaign. For a taste of some of it, look at the sample
    material, and stay tuned for a further rollout (or contact our Chamber office).
  • So now we need to drive/encourage consumers to spend dollars locally. There are so many ways that you can and have helped!
  • We just finished our second Car Scavenger Hunt, featuring multiple routes and merchants to encourage local spending in a socially distanced, fun and engaging ways. Check out some pictures of great engagement.
  • The end of year shopping season is upon us. Yes, it’s super easy to go to Amazon or Stich Fix or the many other online out-of-county merchants to find great stuff. Let’s convince and compel you to think about local merchants; imagine if you manage to drive just 25% more of your seasonal purchases to Beaver County based businesses, beyond what you normally would do, then we have a HUGE win for this county, its businesses and its residents. Think of all the positive spin off this could cause – a great ripple: local business does well, owners are able to hire/pay their employees, make a contribution to a local charity, pay taxes to local municipalities, take on more storefronts that may have become vacant or idle, attract workers from local educators or displacing companies, and on and on!

Help us finish the year with a positive BANG! We can do this Beaver County!

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