Travel Tips In ’22 With Carol Zimny Of Travel Search

(Published by Matt Drzik)

A new year usually means new opportunities, but the last couple of years have been the springboard for more concerns about safety, finances, and restrictions. The world of travel has been particularly subject to these concerns.

Carol Zimny of Travel Search in Beaver Falls has been no exception to those concerns, but the advice and guidance that she’s been providing to eager travelers before and during the pandemic have been countered with satisfaction throughout. She sat down with Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to talk about some of the things to look out for if one desires to travel in 2022.

“We cannot tell someone ‘Yes, you should go here.’ or ‘Yes, this is 100% guaranteed.’; we’re not living in environment right now where things are guaranteed,” Zimny said. “All the different rules and regulations…we lay it out for them, we take that burden off of them, let them know all the procedures that have to take place…and then they ultimately have to make that decision on their own as to whether or not that is something that they want to do.”

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