Janice Olson From Gateway Rehab Services Discusses The Opioid Crisis With Jim Taddeo

As he emphasizes on his weekly show, Jim Taddeo believes there are good things happening in Beaver County. But at times, we need to discuss the issues that are going on that aren’t quite as positive, such as the ongoing opioid crisis.

Thankfully, this discussion took a positive and informative turn today, as Janice Olson, a recovering former user and current staff member at Gateway Rehab Services, joined “Jim Taddeo’s Hometown” for a discussion about the issues about the opioid crisis. This discussion highlighted the process that brought the drug crisis to such heights, but also offered an emphasis on openness and honesty, as well as reaching out to deal with the problem.

If you missed it this morning, you can check out our Facebook Live coverage by hitting the play button below.

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