Beaver Rotary’s “Flags For Heroes” Honors Heroes Who Have Made An Impact

(Matt Drzik/Beaver County Radio)

“Honestly, a hero can be anyone who’s been a hero to you.”

Those words from George McGrady of the Beaver Rotary sums up the meaning behind “Flags For Heroes”, their yearly dedication to the heroes who have impacted lives through their service for the citizens of Beaver and the surrounding communities. McGrady spoke to Matt Drzik on the June 30 edition of A.M. Beaver County about this Independence Day weekend dedication.

The rotary plants “anywhere between 60 and 100” flags at Quay Park in Beaver in honor of the holiday weekend, but McGrady says that there is no limit to how many flags can be purchased in a given year. “We’ve had families purchase flags for four different heroes,” he spoke, “so that is entirely up to the sponsor, however many they’d like to purchase.” The purchasing for this year’s flags has closed, but the flags at Quay Park–each of which is complemented with a special medallion to commemorate the heroes–are currently being displayed and will continue to be throughout the weekend.

For further details about “Flags For Heroes”, check out their website by clicking here. To listen to the full conversation with George McGrady, click on the player below.