BC Amateur Astronomers To Host Special “Star Party” At Brady’s Run Softball Field On July 25

Seems like the sky is the only part of life that hasn’t been affected these days is the sky above, and the Beaver County Amateur Astronomers are inviting you to take a closer look at what lies above and beyond.

Curt DiGiovine, Frank Marzano, & Michael Colalella from the Beaver County Amateur Astronomers joined Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County to talk about a “Star Party” that the organization is holding tomorrow night, July 25, at the Brady’s Run Softball Fields in Fallston. The public is invited to attend for free and are encouraged to bring blankets, chairs, and binoculars or telescopes to the viewing. Social distancing practices will be in place, and face coverings are strongly recommended.

The trio of astronomers spoke about the awe-inspiring nature of the elements in the sky, the intricacies that are necessary for the stars/planets/comets to be viewed, and the feeling that many first-time viewers have when they see these “jewels in the sky”. They also addressed the natural phenomenon of how long it takes these comets and planets to appear on schedule, plus the effects that a decrease in air pollution has contributed to stargazing.

To hear the full interview with the BC Amateur Astronomers, click on the player below!