Susan Boser teaches the listeners how to test drinking water on Teleforum with Frank Sparks, Tuesday June 12, 2018

Susan Boser , Penn State Extension Water Resources Educator, appeared Tuesday June 12, 2018 on Teleforum with Frank Sparks. Susan told the listeners about the different ways that you can test your water whether it is city water or well water. Boser also tested the water at Beaver County Radio live on the air. Thank God the water is ok for us to drink.  Susan demonstrated the different types of things to test for to make sure that the water is safe. She suggested that if you do have a well and you know that they are going to be doing some drilling in the area to get a base line test ahead of time in case their is a problem down the road. She suggested that if you do that then you should have a company come in and do the test so that you have a paper trail of the water being tested. Susan also told the listeners that they can come to the Penn State Extension on the main street of Beaver and pick up a kit if you would like to test the water yourself. She said it is easy all you have to do is follow the instructions in the kit and ship it to the proper address and then Penn State will test your water and give you a report of it and also send Susan a report and then that way if you have any questions she can try and answer them for you. The kits are free but the test will cost you $50.00 plus shipping.

Susan also talked about a drinking water testing clinic that will take place on July 25, 2018 from 3 to 5 pm. Boser suggested that you pre-register because it is limited to 25 people. you can register online by clicking on or by calling the Extension registration line at 1-877-345-0691. You must register by July 23, 2018.

Susan finished up her interview with talking about mosquito safety and ways to combat them. With the humid spring we have the mosquito population is overwhelming and that we should take all precautions from removing standing water to using proper repellent when outdoors.

Susan’s interview and informative water testing topic was also streamed on Facebook Live and you can see the entire video below.