Susan Boser, Penn State Extension Educator of Renewable Resources on Teleforum

Susan Boser , Penn State Extension Educator of Renewable Resources was on Teleforum with Frank Sparks Tuesday September 12, 2017. Susan gave the listeners an update on  the West Nile Virus and the recent rash of positive tests. Susan suggested that here are many ways to protect yourself from being bit by a mosquito inducing  sprays, oils, citronella candles, power pads and that just names a few. Susan suggested that if you are going to be out to have your body covered with clothing to keep from being bit. She stressed the fact that just because there was a positive test for the West Nile that it doesn’t mean that someone will become infected if bitten.

Susan then went on to talk about water testing and when is a good time to have your water tested. She spoke about what types of water should be tested and why you should have your water tested if you suspect there is a problem.  Susan then demonstrated with a water kit the process of getting a sample of your water and making sure the proper process is followed for the water to be able to be tested. The water test kit is free but there is a fee for the testing. If you would like to have your water tested all you have to do is stop by the Penn State Extension Beaver County Office at 1000 Third Street, Suite 3 Beaver Pa 15009  and pick up your free kit.  The kit has detailed instructions on how to properly acquire a sample and how to ship to Penn State.  If you have any questions and would like to get a hold of Susan you can call her at the Penn State extension at (724) 774-3003  Extension 6.

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