‘Why Lie to Me?’ Senate Race Rivals Attack Carpetbaggery

By MARC LEVY Associated Press
HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) — The title of “Pennsylvanian” may not carry quite the cachet of declarations of fighting socialists or getting tough on China, but it’s increasingly the go-to weapon for Republican primary candidates in one of the nation’s premier U.S. Senate contests. A wide-open race for the swing-state seat has attracted wealthy and well-connected transplants, and homers Jeff Bartos and George Bochetto are seizing on it. Bartos, a real-estate investor from suburban Philadelphia, derides them as “political tourists” and reminds audiences that he’s a “lifelong Pennsylvanian.” Bochetto, a lawyer who has lived in Philadelphia for 45 years, suggests that his out-of-state rivals should just be honest and tell voters that they aren’t really Pennsylvanians.