Watts Mills Bridge, Not Financial Advisory, Main Subject Of Commissioners’ Work Session

The main subject of the commissioners’ weekly work session Wednesday morning was the possible restoration of the Watts Mill Bridge in South Beaver Township. The historical bridge has been deteriorating for several years, and one group is estimating a half-million dollar restoration is needed for the bridge. County Commissioner Sandie Egley, however, feels that such a number is off:


The plan is calling for a renovation to the Watts Mill Bridge, at which point the municipality or County would then be responsible for it.

Beaver County Solicitor Garen Fedeles did not disclose any details about the ongoing search for a financial advisor, in lieu of this year’s firing of Ricardo Luckow. Luckow was fired on March 8, and over three months later the County Commissioners still don’t have a financial advisor. I asked the Commissioners about what they have done in regards to our money in this gap between financial advisors, and Commissioners’ Chairman Dan Camp had this to say:


The meeting was attended by all three County Commissioners, including Tony Amadio, who had recently returned from vacation.