Vice President Pence visits Shanksville.

Nine-Eleven Survivors,victims’ relatives , rescuers and others gathered today at the World Trade Center, The Pentagon, and near Shanksville PA to mark th 16th Anniversary of the terror attacks that changed our nation forever. The remembrance comes as the United States contends with the destruction caused by hurricanes Harvey and Irma. Vice President Mike Pence took part in the ceremony in Shanksville PA to remember the the 33 passengers and seven crew members that were killed when flight 93 slammed into a field after being high jacked and then taken back over control by the passengers who refused to let the terrorists carry out their plan. It has never been known where Flight 93 was headed.   Flight 93 was the fourth plane that was high jacked on that fateful day. The first two hitting the World Trade Center Towers and the third hitting the Pentagon in Washington D.C.

On a day of many tributes to those who lost their lives from such a heinous act of terrorism was a ceremony that included the tolling of bells , reading of the victims’ names by family members, the playing of Taps and God Bless America.

Patriot Day is Celebrated every year on September 11 as a salute to a group of true American Hero.