Teen Headed To Trial For Two Other Teens’ Killings In Aliquippa

A teenager is headed to trial for two other teens’ killings in Aliquippa. With emotions running high and before a packed courtroom, a 17-year-old accused of fatally shooting two other teens in Aliquippa went before a judge Thursday. Lawrence Reddick Jr. is charged as an adult in connection with the deaths of William Cade Booher and Dane Mathesius. According to a criminal complaint, Reddick and two other teens conspired to rob Booher of marijuana and money. Police said Mathesius and Reddick set up the drug deal, citing phone records that showed they were in contact with each other just before the shooting. The killing happened in late September, when police said the two victims and a 13-year-old boy drove to Aliquippa to sell Reddick 22 grams of marijuana worth about $140. The 13-year-old was with the victims sitting in the front passenger seat. On Thursday, the teen testified about the drug deal, the shooting and what he witnessed. He said, before the three arrived in Aliquippa, there was talk that it might be a setup. The teen testified that Reddick got in the car and Booher asked if Reddick had the money. Reddick said yes, then pulled out a gun and cocked it.  Autopsy results showed that six shots struck Booher, who was in the backseat: five to his head and one to his neck. Mathesius was shot once in the chest. More than a day after Booher was shot and killed, Mathesius’  body was found behind a nearby abandoned home. Ronald Foster Jr. and Deontae Jones are also charged in connection with the shooting. Reddick’s case has been held for trial. The next step for defense attorneys is to try to get the cases moved to the juvenile court system.