Progress Made On Watts Mills & Brush Creek Addressed At Work Session

(Matt Drzik/Beaver County Radio)

Though relatively brief, the County Commissioners did receive a pair of important updates at their weekly work session on Wednesday, October 9.

First was an update from DPW director Dan Colville about the future of the main road that is used in access to Brush Creek Park:


At some point, the lack or lacking level of understanding when it came to the issues surrounding the state of Brush Creek pinned the frustrations of North Sewickley and Marion Township residents with that of the Commissioners. But if this meeting was any indication, those feelings might have dissipated. One Marion resident was quick to give praise to both Colville and the Commissioners:


Also at the work session, an update several months in the making was finally announced. Julie Bowers talked about how the group Workin’ Bridges, in coordination with PennDot, has made improvements in the Watts Mills Bridge area in South Beaver Township:


Commissioner Tony Amadio and Solicitor Garen Fedeles were absent from the October 9 work session.