PIAA Sets Rules For Spring High School Sports

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Spring sports student athletes and coaches don’t need to wear masks when outside as long as they can keep 6 feet apart according to new PIAA guidelines.
The board met Wednesday and approved the new rules for baseball, softball, track and other spring sports. Preseason practices could start statewide on Monday.

Spring sports were shut down last year because of the pandemic, meaning athletes had no season.

Other rules include:

If a baseball pitcher wears a mask, it must be a solid, dark color. Softball pitchers cannot wear optic yellow. Pitchers are encouraged to not lick fingers or blow into their hands, but that’s not a mandate.
Umpires are required to wear a face covering behind the plate.
Races of 800 meters or longer are considered moderate risk activities, so the PIAA recommends they be “run in alleys or minimally one turn staggers.”
Relay runners may wear disposable gloves
Lacrosse players are not required to wear a mask during competitions since they already wear a helmet and mouth guard.