Pa. Lt. Gov. Fetterman Not Happy $15 Minimum Wage Not Being Included in the Covid Relief Package

Braddock, PA — Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman is not happy that US Senate Parliamentarian ruled that the $15 minimum wage can not be included in the Covid relief package on Thursday.

In a press release the Lt Governor said: “Since the Senate Parliamentarian won’t allow a $15 minimum wage to go through reconciliation, then it’s time to end the filibuster and raise the minimum wage.”

Fetterman said “Working people across America are struggling and cannot wait any longer. They need a living wage now and maybe if the Senate Parliamentarian made $7.25 an hour, they’d have ruled differently. The fact that I scraped old lead paint off houses for a contractor in the summer of 1985 for $3.50 an hour does not justify paying $7.25 an hour today. It makes me insist on a dignified wage for every worker.”