Owner Of Captured Beechview Gator Says He’s Fighting To Get His Animals Back

The owner of a captured alligator in the Beechview section of Pittsburgh said he is fighting to get his animals back. Mark McGowen said police and animal control raided his home, which contained 40 animals, taking more than 30 of them. McGowen said the officers told him the seized animals did not have adequate enclosures. The animals include:

3 Alligators
2 Guinea Pigs
6 Rabbits
1 Rattlesnake
5 Yellow Belly Sliders (under 4 inches)
4 Quail
4 Hairless Rats
1 Granite Burmese Python
1 Burmese Python
2 Green Iquanas
3 Chinese Water Dragons (one deceased)
1 Nile Monitor Lizard

McGowen was seen cleaning the alligator’s enclosure on the day the reptile escaped.
McGowen said his animals are around children all the time, and that he rescued them and nursed them back to health. He said they are an educational opportunity for kids. It’s not clear if McGowen will face any charges.