Flu Numbers Continue To Rise In Beaver County

New flu numbers show another spike in cases in Beaver County. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Health, there have been nearly 500 flu cases reported in Beaver County. The flu season has come on so strong and so fast, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention postponed a meeting on nuclear preparedness, originally scheduled for Tuesday, and met instead to talk about the flu epidemic. Last week, the Allegheny County Health Department confirmed three flu-related deaths. All of the people who died were over the age of 60 and had underlying medical conditions. Most people with the flu recover, but it can kill otherwise healthy people.
The new flu numbers in Pennsylvania show three of the top five counties are in western Pennsylvania. Even though this year’s flu shot is not doing a great job of preventing cases, experts say the vaccine can help prevent flu deaths. Nationwide, 20 children have died with the flu so far this season. Experts say for every one case reported, 10 go unreported.

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