Fire Breaks Out at Iron City Express Trucking in Crescent Twp. Tuesday Night

(Crescent Twp., Allegheny County, Pa.) Officials are investigating after a fire broke out last night at Iron City Express Trucking in Crescent Township.
As crews from multiple departments throughout the area arrived on the scene they could see flames and hear explosions inside the facility.
The fire was in a large steel building and combined with the high air temperatures it was a very hot fire that was trying on first responders.
Tires at the rear of the building that caught fire caused the crews issues with being able to see as they entered the building to fight the fire. Water supply was also an issue that first responders had to battle through. One firefighter suffered a minor neck injury from a collapsed door and was treated and released at a local hospital.
There is no word on what might of caused the fire as crews continue to investigate.