Fifteen Seniors Won’t Walk At Aliquippa’s Commencement

Story and Photo by Beaver County Radio News Correspondent Sandy Giordano

(Aliquippa, Pa.)  A group of   Aliquippa High School Seniors, including the class president , won’t be walking to get their diplomas Friday night. A senior prank last Tuesday night  closed the school to students  last Wednesday because a mess  was made using condiments and other substances  and had to be cleaned up by  the district’s maintenance staff. Some students that were involved were identified  by the district’s surveillance cameras. Parents and students were at last night’s  school board meeting and the seniors involved  want  to walk at graduation, saying it isn’t  fair  that they’re being punished. Those were the words of some tearful parents and students.

It hasn’t been confirmed that the  seniors involved will face any charges. Councilman Donald Walker III offered the students community service. He said,” If you contact me I will  have Alex Scott, the road superintendent,  set up dates and times when you can clean up in the city. He said, “The city’s a mess..” Walker teaches at the high school.
Aliquippa Councilman Donald Walker III addresses the school board and crowd at Wednesday’s School Board meeting