Ellwood School Board Rejects Soccer Funding

The Ellwood City Area School Board rejected a funding request for the district’s boys and girls soccer club last week in a divided 4-4 vote Thursday. The request made is to provide a total of no more than $4,300 to the soccer club to help cover transportation and referee costs.

Danielle Woodhead, who heads the Athletics, Facilities and Community Committee, said the club signed an agreement on how it would be funded when it formed and any changes have to be approved by district Athletic Director Curt Agostinelli.

Board member Barb Wilson responded that she has been trying to get the issue settled for six months, but it kept getting delayed. She said the club starts playing games this week.

With Thursday’s motion not passing, a special meeting is being scheduled with Agostinelli to determine what funding he believes should be released to the club, and then the matter can return to the board, possibly next month.