Democrats Rally In Center Township

Democratic candidates for the Beaver County row offices were showcased at Center Stage on Sunday afternoon along with hundreds of supporters as part of a “Good Old Fashioned Democratic Rally”.   With just over a week to go before elections on November 3rd, the featured candidates took full advantage of talking about their agendas and encouraging people to get out and vote.  The event featured a special address by AFL-CIO official Frank Snyder who stressed the importance of supporting  democratic choices in the general election. State Representative Rob Matzie served as Master of Ceremonies and talked about the importance of next year’s election as well and how it will be pivotal in the make up of state wide politics.

Democratic Candidates oct 2015
Democratic candidates for the 2015 Beaver County Row offices gathered at Center Stage for a rally on Sunday including State Representative Rob Matzie (out front), Commissioner candidates Tony Amadio, and Joe Spanik, Clerk of Courts Candidate Judy Enslen, Coroner Candidate Dr. Michael Sisk, Judical Retention Candidate Deborah Kunselman, Prothonotary Candidate Nancy Werme, Recorder of Deeds Candidate Janice Beall, Register of Wills Candidate Tracy Patton, Sheriff Candidate Wayne Kress and Treasurer Candidate Connie Javens. Also in attendance was District Attorney Candidate Frank Martocci.