DA Lozier Talks To Commissioners About Upcoming School Shooting Training Courses

(Matt Drzik/Beaver County Radio)

“When I’m talking to the FBI, PSP or the other agencies…there’s no other county that’s been taking the steps for 5 years, or since [at least] 2018.”

The county is in fact Beaver County, and the steps described by District Attorney David Lozier in that statement made at the Commissioners’ work session on Wednesday are the steps schools should consider taking to prevent school shootings or to mitigate any damage from an armed attacker on school grounds. Lozier’s office is holding several upcoming training sessions to teach these steps in order to keep the current trend of mass shootings away from Beaver County.

“It would be beneficial for anyone who may be involved either in a school situation or in the aftermath of a tragic event,” Lozier said, “because some of the topics we’ll be talking about will be evacuation, medical response, ESU response, reunification, [and] crowd control.”

The first two seminars will take place at CCBC on July 19th and 26th, with start time at 8:30 AM.

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