Cutler Calls PA Supreme Court Decision Gateway to “More Mischief And Bad Faith”

(Matt Drzik/Beaver County Radio)

Yesterday’s 3-2 ruling by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court to challenge the constitutionality of an older state law that limits the use of Medicaid dollars to cover abortion costs has received at least one major dissenter in the State House of Representatives.

House Republican Leader Bryan Cutler of Lancaster County said in a statement following the decision on Tuesday that  “Pennsylvania law already allows public funds to be used to pay for abortions in case of incest, rape or to protect the life of the mother. This decision, supported by only part of the seven-member court, eviscerates the past, well-established precedent of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court and opens the door for tax dollars to pay for all elective abortions.”

Cutler additionally stated that the decision “does nothing but further the divide over such a sensitive topic and will only lead to more mischief and bad faith where lawmakers and other elected officials should be leading with respect and understanding.”

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