COVID Cases On The Decline In Pennsylvania and Beaver County

(Beaver County, Pa.) COVID-19 Cases in Pennsylvania are continuing to decrease. Last week the state reported an additional 22,543 positive cases of COVID-19. Two weeks ago the state reported 27,069 positive cases of COVID-19. That’s 4,526 less cases this week. Over all cases are on the decrease throughout the United States.

Beaver County reported 253 positive cases last week compared to 325 cases two weeks ago. The county also had three deaths last week that were COVID-19 related.

Of the 163,929 that were reported to live in Beaver County, in 2019, there have been 14,784 positive cases of COVID-19 and 376 deaths in the county. Of those Deaths 221 have been reported occurred at nursing homes in the county which means that 155 residents of Beaver County that don’t live in a nursing home have died due to being COVID-19 related.