Commissioners Divided Over Initial 2019 Budget Proposal

(Matt Drzik/Beaver County Radio)

Several months after the firing of Ricardo Luckow and the introduction of the name “Susquehanna” to the conversation about Beaver County, the consulting firm hired to manage the county’s finances presented the first proposal for the 2019 Budget at the December 5 Commissioners’ Work Session. Corey Troutman, leader behind the Susquehanna representation in Beaver County, shared the initial numbers:


The numbers, however staggering, were not an issue for Commissioner’s Chairman Dan Camp, who believed that the budget presented by Susquehanna will be in good shape:


However, Commissioner Sandie Egley (whose removal as chairwoman was in conjunction with Susquehanna’s arrival) did not feel that the budget would be in favor of the county, citing several key areas of potential revenue that she felt weren’t being considered.


Commissioner Tony Amadio sided with Camp in approving the opening numbers for the 2019 budget as well as feeling that Beaver County was in good financial shape, and attempted to assure that message to Commissioner Egley:


The budget can be changed at any of the remaining public work sessions up until the final budget is decided on at the Public Commissioner’s Meeting on December 27.