Commissioners Camp and Amadio Inundated With Questions on Beaver County Radio

The Beaver County Commissioners were on the “hot seat” earlier today on Beaver County Radio. Republican Dan Camp and Democrat Tony Amadio sat down with Mike Romigh to answer a wide range questions on county government, many of them dealing with the budget and the pending deficit. During the Ask the Commissioners segment on Teleforum this morning, Camp said one of the first issues they’ve had to deal with as the new board is the deficit they discovered when they re-opened the budget. Amadio said that he was surprised when he heard Controller David Rossi say earlier this year that the county would be facing a 17-million-dollar deficit if cuts aren’t made. Amadio admitted that he doesn’t know what the deficit is at this point, but said it’s up to him and his fellow two commissioners to fix it. Commissioners chairman Sandie Egley did not participate on this morning’s program due to a previously scheduled engagement.