Commissioners Approve Financial Consultant

Beaver County Commissioners approved Susquehanna Accounting and Consulting of Harrisburg as part time financial consultant by a 2-1 vote at Thursday’s regular meeting. Sandie Egley voted no and Dan Camp and Tony Amadio voted yes. Amadio voted by telephone hookup since he is home recovering from back surgery.

Susquehanna will be paid between 235 and 265 dollars per hour not to exceed 40 thousand. Susquehanna has already started preparation of the 2019 county budget.

In another matter, District Attorney David Lozier disagrees with Egley’s criticism of his authorizing 400 hours overtime so far in the DelTondo murder case. Lozier says Egley is looking at the matter from strictly a budget point of view. Lozier says those close to DelTondo would want everything possible done to solve the case. Lozier says he has money in the budget to pay the overtime although other investigations will have to be adjusted between now and the end of the year. Limited as to what he can say about the case, Lozier says, overall, he is pleased with progress in the investigation.