Christina Good Officially Sworn In As Beaver Falls Police Officer At City Council Meeting

(Matt Drzik/Beaver County Radio)

“Today is a special day in Beaver Falls.”

The city’s mayor, Kenya Johns, opened up the November 22 council meeting with those remarks, and in a matter of minutes she would be correct.

Nearly a month after receiving the unanimous approval of city council to be hired, Christina Good was officially sworn in as the newest police officer for the Beaver Falls Police Department on Tuesday evening. She becomes only the second female and first female of color to serve on the patrol.

Officer Christina Good is joined by her patrol staff including Chief David Johnson [second from right] and members of city council including Mayor Kenya Johns [center front, right of Good].
Mayor Johns swore her in, flanked by Police Chief David Johnson–who gave his verbal praise and approval one month ago when Good was first introduced to the city council. Officer Good was also supported by many family and friends who were in attendance to see her officially take the new position.

“It really is an honor, and I’m beyond thankful and feel very blessed and privileged to see all the wonderful additions we’re adding,” Mayor Johns exclaimed. “Adding to what we have–not taking it away–but adding additional things, and today is memorable as we add the first female officer of color to the City of Beaver Falls Police.”

Following the ceremony, the regular (and brief) council meeting went on as usual. The largest subject presented was by Fire Chief Mark Stowe, who spoke about the need to resuscitate the Blight Committee following a gradual erosion of concern and meetings begat by the pandemic. “The Blight Committee, when you look at the ordinance for vacant buildings…it’s the Blight Committee that actually hears if there’s an appeal,” Stowe stated. “So this is very important moving forward that we get this Blight Committee up and running again.”

Stowe noted that there are several buildings–“thankfully there’s only a handful”, as he put it–that impede the progress of the downtown business district that Mayor Johns and the council has tried to push forward. In kind, councilwoman Peggy Evans nominated herself with approval from council to represent them in this restart of the Blight Committee.

The council approved General Fund expenditures at a total of $271,308.21, and also approved a recommendation by the Safety Committee to investigate with the intent to solve the drainage issues at the Second Baptist Church on the corner of 24th Street and 10th Avenue. Lastly, council members invited those in attendance (in person or on stream) to attend the Beaver Falls Christmas Parade on November 26 beginning at 6 PM.