Center Township Police Officer Arrested After Being Accused of Stealing Drug-Related Evidence

Criminal charges have been filed against a Center Township police officer who authorities said admitted to theft and attempted concealment and destruction of evidence. A 54-count criminal complaint was filed Thursday against police Officer Jeffrey Stone. Stone is charged with theft, receiving stolen property, tampering with or fabricating physical evidence and obstructing the administration of law. Stone resigned last month after he was confronted over missing narcotics in the police department’s evidence room. A state police investigation confirmed that heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, prescription drugs, and cash had been stolen from the evidence room. Stone was the primary evidence room custodian. The Beaver County district attorney’s office said in a statement that, bags had been tampered with, the drugs and cash removed and replaced and then resealed, thus compromising evidences in ongoing criminal cases which are now in jeopardy. Stone turned himself in to the magistrate’s office and was given a $25,000 bond. The officer is expected to be released later today after posting bond.