Bishop David Zubik Responds to Pope-Trump War Of Words Controversy

Pittsburgh Catholic Diocese leader – and former Ambridge resident – Bishop David Zubik is weighing in on the war of words between Pope Francis and Donald Trump. In case you don’t know what we’re talking about, the Pope was recently asked by a reporter about Trump’s plans to build a wall, if he’s elected president, on the U-S Mexican border. Pope Francis responded by saying  “a person who thinks only about building walls -wherever they may be – and not building bridges – is not Christian”. Beaver County Radio Newsman Pat Septak, in an interview this morning, asked Bishop Zubik whether it was appropriate for Pope Francis to thrust himself in the middle of the presidential campaign. Zubik took issue with the premise of the question, saying that Trump did not jump into the campaign, he was just honestly answering a reporter’s question. Zubik also said that the pope’s remarks were taken out of context and that what the pontiff was really saying was that it is not Christian-like for anybody to be prejudiced against others.