Beaver’s Informational Forum On Heroin Epidemic Very Well-Attended, Officials Say

Beaver Area School District and the  Beaver Police Department  hosted an informational  forum on  the Beaver County Community heroin epidemic last night.  According to Beaver County Radio News Correspondent Sandy Giordano, school resource officer Ken Stahl said that the event  had the biggest crowd so far in the district. Phil Little, a Beaver County native and  a representative of the PA Atoorney General’s Office of Public Engagement  said  overdoses start with users taking prescription opioids, then turning to the streets for heroin because it is cheaper. He said there were 34,000 overdoses in the state in 2015.  He added, “Raid raid the medicine cabinets, get rid of all drugs,  the county is participating in the drug take back program… He said 50,000 pounds of drugs have been destroyed so far. .”  He told the crowd to use the take back boxes in the 14 locations in the county.  He praised DA David Lozier’s office , he said,”It’ s a great initiative.” He said if you see a drug overdose say something! use the anonymous tip line 1-800-442-8006. He said there are 12.7 million residents, and 800 on the state’s drug task force.   “Stop it before it Starts.” Phil’s number is 1-412-565-3150. He presented aslide show on heroin terminology , a stamp bag of heroin is  1/2 the size of a sweet n low packet, 10 stamp bags are a bundle, 1 brick is 5 bundles, 50  stamp bags. He said fentanyl is a strong opioid when mixed with heroin, and cutting it makes it stronger. ” Do not touch fentanyl without gloves on it can kill you.” Don Sedlack CCBC law enforcement instructor  for 26 said it is important to educate the public . he teaches a narcotics and drug abuse class , and stressed the importance of being educated on drug issues . he said, talk to children  to about drugs, and many turn from alcohol to drugs He taught the DARE  program in the 80’s, he said, don’t be afraid to go for help, all services are available for overdoses.” He said law enforcement can’t do it alone.”, the epidemic has turned into a medical health turmoil.” He added prison won’t help addicts get better, it’s important to talk in an open forum.” “We  do have a serious epidemic , and we have to work to gether and figure out how to curb it.” Dr. Suzane Vogel-Scibilia  it’s out of control, it’s unacceptable.” she said an opioid  use disorder  is  prolonged use of  self administration of opioids.  She said focus on prevention and treatment , and talked about the of vivitrol. A mom of a recivering addict spoke about how she found her son lying on the floor, when he overdosed, the son spoke about his addiction and siad he’s been clean for 5 months now. Bill Pasquale chief deputy coroner  We’re trying to keep them alive in the ems field.”, Medic-Rescue said they received 6,500 overdose calls in 2016 , he said there were 102 deaths, it’s stealing away a generation, 2 generations.  Judge Kim Tesla said a statute by the state legislature said if you see an od you are immune from prosecution so that a life can be saved.”