Beaver Man Convicted Of Murder; Victim’s Body Was Never Found

A Beaver man has been convicted of murder…even though the victim’s body was never found. 69-year-old Loyd Groves was arrested and taken into custody at his Fourth Street home in Beaver back in 2015. Groves was convicted of third-degree murder this week in Clinton County in the death of one of his co-workers, Katherine Heckel. The two worked at the former International Paper Company’s Hammermill Plant in Lock Haven. Prosecutors said the couple had been having an extramarital affair, and she wanted to end the relationship; that’s when he killed her. Heckel was last seen alive on a summer day in 1991. She was declared legally dead several years later. The circumstantial evidence which led to Groves’ conviction included: Former colleagues recalled overhearing the couple have a loud fight before the two went to lunch on the day she disappeared. After she vanished, Groves never expressed concerns, and he exhibited signs of paranoia. He cut a section of stained carpeting from his van, and DNA evidence near the missing carpeting belonged to Heckel. Grove’s attorney says he will appeal the guilty verdict.