Beaver Falls City Council Meeting Provides Updates On Blight Removal & 37th Street Ballfield Delay

(Matt Drzik/Beaver County Radio)

Each Beaver Falls City Council meeting provides a printed copy of the agenda that explains what the councilmembers will be voting on. However, at their March 14 meeting, the majority of discussion came from what wasn’t printed on the paper.

That which was printed on the paper did get taken care of in quick fashion, as the board unanimously approved General Fund expenditures at an amount of $624,321.07. The ARPA parcels to be purchased by the city were also approved, as several properties in the city will be obtained for future development. A repository purchase for a property on 10th Avenue was approved, and the board was enthusiastic about a request to use 7th Avenue parking spaces on May 14 for a race car show to be held between 8th and 10th Streets.

Less enthusiasm was shown when the board received the update on the no-show by the contractors hired to build the fences at the 37th Street Ballfield, the final step in the renovation of the ballfield funded by Beaver County grants. The update was provided by city engineer Tony Sadaka, who stated that the next move would be to contact the contractors before either asking the County to invoke a performance bond to hire new contractors if necessary. Until the fences are completed, the ballfields will not be ready for full-time usage.

Fire Chief Mark Stowe, following his regular report, spoke about the plan for the city to purchase properties for the sake of initial blight removal and potential further development. Stowe pointed out that the Mount Washington section of the city “will be blight-free” following the purchase of three properties that will be torn down, and that the plan is to continue that process with un-salvageable property buildings in the downtown Beaver Falls area.

The meeting closed with comments from Beaver County District Attorney David Lozier, who complimented the city on its hard-working fire and police departments as well as its positive attitude. “You have the most positive community in Beaver County,” he stated. “You have the CDC which is moving and doing great things, you’ve got a main street that is growing…you are a leader in Beaver County in so many ways.” Lozier then went on to say that the County is willing to help in regards to the transitions for the fire and police departments in regard to technology upgrades and potential regionalizing of resources.

The next Beaver Falls City Council meeting is scheduled for March 28 at 7:00 PM.

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