Beaver County Commissioners Say Their Last Words on ‘Ask The Commissioners’ on Beaver County Radio

Beaver County Commissioners Tony Amadio, Joe Spanik and Dennis Nichols made their final appearance together as a board on the Ask The Commissioners segment on Beaver County Radio this morning with Mike Romigh. Next month, a new board will be in place. Amadio will still be there, but Spanik and Nichols will be replaced with the GOP team of Sandie Egley and Dan Camp. Amadio said he’s going to miss his fellow commissioners, Spanik questioned why the two new Republican commissioners haven’t made an attempt to make a smooth transition (or any kind of transition, for that matter) and Dennis Nichols said he’s proud of his work with this board because despite all their political differences on any number of issues, they were always able to come together and compromise. No word on whether Egley and Camp will come on the show for future Ask the Commissioner segments on Beaver County Radio.

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