Auditor General visits CCBC

PA Auditor General Eugene DePasquale told local, state, and county officials  yesterday that audits by his office will be done in the Midland School District , PA Cyber School,  and Lincoln Park Performing Arts Charter School later this month. According to Beaver County Radio News Correspondent Sandy Giordano, he told officials that Aliquippa School District had to borrow $2,000,000 because of the state; budget impasse at a high interest rate, and are facing  a $928,556 general fund deficit.  He said that the interest rate is lost money to the district. Aliquippa is one of the districts  where poverty is evident. Beaver County Chamber of Commerce president Jack Manning asked  what can be done to help the financially distressed districts .  DePasquale said “I am a staunch advocate of cooperation on the administrative level.” DePasquale  said in the department of education there is  a lack of a plan to help our struggling schools.” He added,” 561 schools, not districts in the state are financially challenged, and there is no plan for help.”