AUDIO: Humane Society Seizes 41 Cats, Salyards Talks About What Happens Next

(Matthew Drzik/Beaver County Radio)

The Beaver County Humane Society recently sent out a press release that stated that newly installed Humane Officer Celina Kelly had seized several animals from an Ambridge home. In an interview with Beaver County Radio, Executive Director Susan Salyards talked about how many animals were rescued, as well as their current condition:


This seizure comes on the heels of a prior excursion that rescued 19 dogs from inhabitable conditions, according to the Humane Society press release.

Salyards then spoke about the next moves that the Humane Society will make and hopes to make for these cats:


Lastly, Salyards spoke about the ways in which the public can help these animals out.


For more info on the Humane Society, you can visit their website by clicking here.