First ‘Ask The Commissioners’ of 2016 Featuring New Board To Air Thursday on Beaver County Radio

The very first “Ask The Commissioners” of 2016 is set to air Thursday on Teleforum with Mike Romigh. It’ll also be the the first “Ask The Commissioners” featuring the new county board of commissioners. It’ll also be the first “Ask The Commissioners” in which Republicans have held a majority on the board. Democratic incumbent Tony Amadio will join Republican Dan Camp for the program, where it’s a tradition for Beaver County Radio listeners to call in and ask the commissioners anything they want to know about county government. New commissioners chairman Sandie Egley will not be there due to a scheduling conflict. Some of the topics that are expected to come up during Thursday’s show include the county budget, county employee salaries and the current hiring freeze. Tune on Thursday morning at 9:05 for Ask The Commissioners on Teleforum with Mike Romigh on 1230 WBVP and 1460 WMBA.