Arrest Made in Bellevue Bus Stop Homicide of 28-Year-Old Woman

(File Photo)
Friday, January 21, 2022 at 7:24 AM
(Bellevue, Pa.) There has been an arrest made in the shooting that happened Wednesday night near the corner of Sheridan and Lincoln avenues Bellevue in which 28-year-old Rachel Dowden was killed while she was waiting for a bus on Wednesday night.
Police have arrested 25-year-old DeAngelo Zieglar of Pittsburgh.
Police said Dowden has a protection from abuse order against Zieglar that was valid until Nov. 3, 2024 and earlier this month, Zieglar allegedly stole a gun from Dowden during an incident at her home.
Police have matched that stolen gun to the weapon that was found after the shooting and believed to be the gun that was used to kill Dowden.