Allegheny County Council Woman Makes Another Attempt Trying for Mandatory Mask Mandate

by Frank Sparks, News/Program Director
7:19 AM
(Pittsburgh, Pa.) Allegheny County Council woman Olivia Bennett is back at it again after she co-sponsored a bill last month dealing with a mask mandate that was shot down by council. That particular bill wanted council to impose a mask mandate in the county and fine people $100 for not conforming to the mandate. In the latest bill she is now asking the Allegheny County Health Department to consider implementing a mask mandate for indoor gatherings across the county any time the seven-day average of positive COVID test results reaches 5 percent or higher, or when the transmission rate reaches moderate levels.
Bennett also suggests employers across the county consider a vaccine mandate for workers and offer incentives for getting one.
Council did not vote on the bill on Tuesday. It was sent to the committee by Bennett for further discussion.