Beaver County Commissioners Vote Unanimously To Adopt Revised 2016 Budget

The Beaver County Commissioners voted unanimously today to adopt a revised 2016 budget of 63 million dollars, down 14 million from the 77 million dollars budget adopted by the previous board of commissioners. According to Beaver County Radio’s Greg Benedetti, who attended this morning’s 20-minute special session, the budget shows a 5-point-three-million dollar deficit that budget administrator Ricardo Luckow said will be made up with cuts by the end of the year. The Commissioners will meet on Tuesday, February 16th for the final vote on the budget. The budget will be open for public review at the courthouse until then.

Wolf’s Budget Proposes Merging Some State Agencies To Save Money

Gov. Tom Wolf said today that the state budget he proposes Tuesday will include two mergers intended to save money and improve the service of related missions. Wolf will renew his call to merge the Department of Corrections and the Board of Probation and Parole into a single agency.  A bill to combine the two entities passed the Senate back in November. He also will propose moving the eHealth Partnership Authority, which was created to enable the secure exchange of electronic health information, into the Department of Human Services.

Who Will Kick For The Steelers

Who will be the  kicker for the Steelers in 2016?  That is just one of the decisions the Black and Gold  will have to make in the off season.  They went through four of them due to injury and lack of results. It all started in the Hall of Fame game in August when their All Pro Kicker Sean Suisham tore up his knee trying to make a tackle.  It ended when rookie kicker Chris Boswell made 29-of-32 field goals. He lead the league in field goals and in points scored 113.  Boswell is 26, a rookie,and unflappable.   Sean Suisham is a decade older,  established kicker, and had more kickoffs for touch-backs than Boswell. The big element is cost. Suisham’s 2016 cap hit is 3.5m.  Boswell 525 thousand. One factor to consider is if the Steelers cut Suisham the 3.5 m


New Development in Bridgewater Continues with New State Farm Insurance Office

(Beaver County, PA)  New faces and new businesses are appearing in Bridgewater.  The latest such incarnation is that of Brian Wozniak State Farm Insurance who recently opened  a new office on Brkich Way.   Wozniak opened his  original State Farm Insurance office in New Brighton about two years ago and recently decided to move the operation

Brian Wozniak State Farm Insurance
Brian Wozniak from State Farm Insurance and Diane Brown from WBVP and WMBA

to Bridgewater to be a part of what he describes as a fairly significant amount of business development activity in the borough.  On Thursday February 4, 2016, Brian Wozniak State Farm Insurance held a community open house to celebrate the grand opening of the new office.  Dozens of people attended the gathering including existing customers, well wishers from the nearby community and media personnel.  At the party, Brian talked about the exciting activity happening in Bridgewater and how he sees a bright future for the town:


Brian Woniak State Farm Insurance can be reached at 724-846-5995.


Commissioners Camp and Amadio Inundated With Questions on Beaver County Radio

The Beaver County Commissioners were on the “hot seat” earlier today on Beaver County Radio. Republican Dan Camp and Democrat Tony Amadio sat down with Mike Romigh to answer a wide range questions on county government, many of them dealing with the budget and the pending deficit. During the Ask the Commissioners segment on Teleforum this morning, Camp said one of the first issues they’ve had to deal with as the new board is the deficit they discovered when they re-opened the budget. Amadio said that he was surprised when he heard Controller David Rossi say earlier this year that the county would be facing a 17-million-dollar deficit if cuts aren’t made. Amadio admitted that he doesn’t know what the deficit is at this point, but said it’s up to him and his fellow two commissioners to fix it. Commissioners chairman Sandie Egley did not participate on this morning’s program due to a previously scheduled engagement.

Aliquippa Hires New Full-Time Police Officer

News from Aliquippa Council… Beaver County Radio News Correspondent Sandy Jordano reports that Aliquippa Mayor Dwan Walker last night presented Johnny Hill Sr. the One Aliquippa Award for his dedicated service as a crossing guard in the city. He recently retired. Council also approved the hiring of a new full-time police officer, Jim Brown…and it was announced last night that on March 19th the annual Easter Egg Hunt will be held from 10 am to 1 pm at “Lefty” Cepul Field. In case of inclement weather, the city is asking for use of the elementary school gym. 48 hours will be given to city residents if a change in venue is necessary.

Pedestrian Killed On Route 65 in Avalon Identified

Officials have identified a pedestrian hit and killed by a truck last week in Avalon. 24-year-old Kent Taylor was hit by a truck while he was walking northbound in the passing lane in the 900 block of Ohio River Boulevard (Route 65) around 3 a.m. Friday. That’s according to the Allegheny County medical exmainer’s office. He was pronounced dead at the scene. The medical examiner’s office says Taylor died from blunt force trauma to the head, neck and body. The manner of death is pending investigation.