Senator Camera Bartolotta Touts Bipartisanship & Hard Work During AM Beaver County Interview

“We need to work together. There’s too much on the line. There’s too much at stake to tuck yourself in your own little shell and say ‘I’m not going to cooperate with anyone who doesn’t say exactly what I say.'”

Those words, spoken by Pennsylvania State Senator Camera Bartolotta (R-46, Beaver/Washington/Greene), showcases her charge to change the partisan narratives that, in her mind, have plagued political dialogue in Harrisburg and Washington to the point where ‘politics’ has become “a dirty word”.

She spoke in a phone interview with A.M. Beaver County Host Matt Drzik on January 21 about her views on bipartisan politics in Harrisburg, as well as her thoughts on the improvement of Beaver County (including a surprise announcement at the end of the conversation), and what she’s accomplished and still hopes to accomplish before her time in the State Senate concludes.

To listen to the FULL interview, click on the player below!