“Presents For Patients” Now In Its 35th Year

At this time of year, and at a certain point in most of our lives, the Christmas season becomes less about expecting gifts and more about expecting to be the giver of cheer.

St. Barnabas Health System & St. Barnabas Charities have done their part over the last 35 years, as “Presents For Patients” continues to provide those in care with gifts this time of year. Charities Director Shelli Sommariva talked with Matt Drzik on A.M. Beaver County regarding this year’s drive, including instructions on how to help and what to get.

To contact St. Barnabas Charities regarding Presents For Patients, you can phone them at (724) 625-3770 or visit them online at www.presentsforpatients.com.

To hear the full interview between Matt & Shelli, click on the players below!

Part 1

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